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Thermo Sash 3e Pet Door for Sash Windows (FFF)

Thermo Sash 3e Pet Door for Sash Windows (FFF)

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Brushed Aluminum
Dark Bronze/Black

  •  Durable and insulating pet door for windows
  • Low-E glass and sturdy aluminum framing
  • Energy-efficient flap design keeps home insulated
  • Various flap sizes, colors, and adjustment ranges to fit your pet and your window
  • Strong and sturdy Locking Cover included  to secure your home and pet
  • Easy to install and doesn't require semi-permanent installation, perfect for renters and vacation homes

Product Details

  • Highly insulating flap with a complete magnetic seal, designed to stay closed in winds up to 50mph
  • Complete magnetic seal  designed to stay closed in winds up to 50mph
  • Polyolefin polymer flap keeps your home comfortable in temperatures between -40 and 110 „‰
  • LoE glass gives you extra insulation for your home, pairs perfectly with newer energy-efficient windows
  • Four sizes available to fit cats to large breed dogs
  • Fits all vertical sliding sash window widths with a track width of at least 1"
  • Draft stopper and weatherstripping included for extra insulation and weather resistance
  • Easy, tool-free installation in a matter of minutes


Need help Installing? Take a look at our Thermo Sash Installation page.

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Thermo Sash 3e Pet Door for Sash Windows (FFF)

22" - 25" / White / Small Edit

White Thermo Sash

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