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Endura Flap Quick Panel 3

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The Quick Panel 3 is a Lite Version of the Thermo-Panel 3e: Identical but uses single pane glass to save weight & cost.

  • The perfect choice for temporary or seasonal installation
  • No tools required for installation and no permanent changes to your sliding glass door
  • Lighter patio panel than the Thermo-Panel 3e model and an ideal choice if the panel needs to be installed and uninstalled frequently
  • Safe and energy-efficient flap for pets to use
  • Insulating flap keeps hot and cold weather out of your home

Size Chart

Flap Size Flap Dimension Step Over Range Overall Panel Width
Small 6" w x 11" h 3" - 5" 11 1/4"
Medium 8" w x 15" h 3" - 5" 13 1/4"
Large 10" w x 19" h 3" - 5" 15 1/4"
Extra Large 12" w x 23" h 3" - 7" 17 1/4"

Height Options

  • Short: 74 3/4" - 77 3/4"
  • Regular: 77 1/4" - 80 1/4"
  • Tall: 93 1/4" - 96 1/4" (additional cost)

Custom heights available upon request, contact for more details and pricing.


Parts List

1 Piece Panel Pet Door

2 Piece Panel Pet Door

1 panel pet door

1 top glass panel section

locking cover

locking cover

1 sliding door clamp lock

1 sliding door clamp lock

1 center post weather seal draft stopper

1 center post weather seal draft stopper

1 foam weatherstrip

1 foam weatherstrip

1 installation instruction booklet

1 installation instruction booklet

1 bottom flap section

4 hex screws

1 hex wrench

Popular Features

  • Insulating flap with a complete magnetic seal, the bellows on the flap will contract and expand based on weather conditions and resist winds up to 50mph
  • Fits into most sliding glass doors including vinyl and aluminum frames, with a track width of at least 1" between the track heights of 75" – 80" and tall sliding glass doors between 93 ¼" – 96 ¼" 
  • Custom track heights are available upon request
  • Sturdy locking cover can be placed over the pet door to block access when needed and secure your home
  • Adjustable step-over allows you to customize the height between the pet door and the bottom of the panel to accommodate pets with very short or long legs
  • C-Clamp lock included to secure your dog door panel against your sliding glass door
  • Four sizes available to accommodate cats to large breed dogs
  • 100% manufactured in the U.S.
  • 90-day return policy and a 15-year warranty

Important Information about Custom Heights

Custom height patio panels are essential in two situations:

1. First, while most sliding glass door track heights are in the three standard height ranges offered, some are not. In those cases, we can build a Quick Panel 3 in a custom height to fit your specific dimension. 

2. The second situation is where you have a sideways sliding window.  A sliding window is essentially a miniature sliding glass door, and you can install a custom height undersize Quick Panel 3 to fit, provided the window track width is at least 1". 

Remember that the Quick Panel 3 is built with a 3" spring-loaded height adjustment. When you order in one of the custom height ranges, you will be prompted for your track height. The patio panel will be built to a height that is approximately in the middle of this 3" range. For example, if you specify 40", your panel will be built to adjust from about 38" to 41".

There are limits to the heights that we can manufacture, which result from the height of the flap assemblywhich is fixedand limits to the packaging that can be shipped safely. Here are the height ranges that we can accommodate:

Custom Height Minimum & Maximum Heights
Model Minimum Maximum
Small  35" 100"
Medium  42" 107"
Large  48" 117"
Extra Large  46" 123"


Custom orders cannot be resold. Therefore, they are final sale once built. Note that the glass units for custom height orders take one to two weeks for delivery from the tempering plant and that we need about a week to schedule the assembly after the glass unit arrives. So, even though your custom order must be pre-paid, delivery will take 2-3 weeks depending upon your location. (Stock items are not paid for until they are shipped).

Replacement Parts and Accessories


The Quick Panel 3 Patio Panel Pet Door

Note: Video shows the Thermo Panel 3e which is identical except for dual-pane, low 'e' glass rather than single-pane tempered glass for the Quick Panel 3


Installing a Patio Pacific Panel Pet Door

Variable Magnetic Resistance


Adjusting the Step Over Height‚ 


The Leaf Blower Test‚ 

Endura Flap® Pet Door Warranty

Endura Flap products have a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship under standard regular use. Damage caused by not using the product as intended, improper installation and chewing is not covered under this warranty.

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