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Endura Flap Wall Mounts Parts kit

Endura Flap® Wall Mounts Parts Kit

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Parts included are

Installation instructions, jigsaw blade, 4 threaded studs, 3 oz silicone caulk.

Endura Flap Wall Mount Kit includes:

  • Installation instructions
  • jigsaw blade
  • 4 open barrel nuts
  • 4 threaded studs
  • 3 oz silicone caulk

The single nut is used to straighten  the threads on the threaded rods after shortening the rods with a hacksaw.  The Loctite prevents the threaded rods from unscrewing from the flap assembly on the opposite wall when removing the 4" handles.  Four 4" handles are included so that the user may proceed with the installation while the Loctite is drying for 10 minutes.  Material Safety Data sheets should be read carefully before using Loctite.