Free U.S. Shipping & Lifetime Warranty For All Endura Flap Pet Doors

The Most Durable, Weather-Tight Pet Door Ever Made

With our innovative flap design, Endura Flap can withstand -40 degree temperatures and extreme heat. No other pet door on the market protects your home while maintaining a durable, long lasting design.


An Endura Flap® Pet Door Will Make Your Life Easier

the flexible endura flap

Better Flexibility, Better Pet Door Safety

Best Magnetic Seal to Keep Out Weather

magnets on the sides of the endura flap that give it its airtight seal
insulated design of the endura flap

High Insulation Value, Lower Energy Costs

UV Retardant Prevents Sun Damage

the endura flap is UV retardant to prevent yellowing
the endura flap frame is made from extruded aluminum

Most Durable Pet Door Design, the Best Warranty

Superior Low Temperature Performance

the endura flap can withstand superior low temperatures
a dog that can use the endura flap

Variable Magnet Strength To Fit Every Pet's Needs

Best High Aspect Ratio Doggy Door Flaps

the endura flap has a high aspect ratio to accomodate a larger variety of pets
you can adjust the wind resistance on your endura flap by adding or removing magnets

Adjustable Wind Resistance Available

Flap Clarity For Your Pet's Comfort

your dog can use the endura flap with ease
the endura flap is made with an environmentally friendly design

Environmentally Friendly Design

Superb Engineering Seen Nowhere Else

the superb engineering of the endura flap means that it will last a long time


I installed the dog door myself, only because in Dallas, TX it's easier to make an appointment with a doctor than to have a contractor/handyman commit and keep an appointment. But, the good news, with very limited tools and ability I got the dog door installed. I'm impressed. It looks great and works just like I wanted. My situation is unique, I rescued a large Shepard during the holiday, I have a declawed cat that was rescue last year. I needed a dog door that allowed my dog access, but would not allow the cat to use it. I didn't want to bother with batteries or powered doors, and had read of problems with them. The dual-flap dog door works exactly like I needed, the dog has access at any time, and the cat is not able to open the door for getting outside access. I am very happy with the product.

Mike R. Dallas, Texas

The door continues to work flawlessly after two and half years and we just love it. We enjoy it so much we are considering installing your "Patio Pacific Self-Framing Wall Mount" Featuring the new Endura"Flap®". We can't say enough of the quality of construction and how much our two Lhasa Apso's enjoy it.

Dean K. Belgrade, MT

I have been through at least 3 different dog doors including the pet safe flap that was always blowing open, then we went to another door that opened like saloon doors and closed with a spring... it was better than the flap but eventually never quite closed and was terrible in winds. Well your door with the double flap is amazing and stays closed all of the time. This week Halifax has had a blizzard with 50 cm snow and 90-110 km/hr winds and the flaps stayed shut. Just as impressive we have and extra large door because we have leonbergers but we now have an English Cocker Spaniel puppy and she has learned the door and can open the flaps no problem.

Linda H. Halifax, NS

Just a quick note to let you know how wonderful the Endura Flap® line is. We live in the country -basically in the corn fields. Now that the crops are down there is nothing to stop the winds! We had 50 + MPH winds yesterday & the flap held the wind & never opened! We have 5 French bulldogs & 3 Dobermans & the door is in constant use. It is awesome! I just ordered another for the utility room! Thanks for such a superior product! Paws up with praise!

Debra B. Beecher, IL

We got the Thermo Panel 3e today and installed it in less than a half hour. I'm impressed with the quality, industrial-strength nature of the product. "First dog" got the hang of it after a few of the included treats enticed her through. "Next dog" is a little shyer, but is learning from watching her sister. I'm impressed with the engineering of the product. So glad I waited a few weeks to get the best. Thanks.

Joseph M. El Prado, NM