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Why An Endura Flap® Pet Door Will Make Your Life Easier

The first thing to consider when buying a quality pet door is the material and flap flexibility. Large dogs and small dogs alike will go through dog doors at high speeds, and a flexible flap will make sure that they can do this comfortably and safely. Having the highest quality, heavy-duty flap that is made of extreme weather grade materials will save you tons in the long run. 

The problem with flexible vinyl and plastic flaps is that they shrink when they get too cold, meaning the door opens up to elements outside. This also means that when it's coldest, and you need your pet door product to seal its best, it will actually seal worse. This is a massive flaw in even the most "all weather" pet doors. It's also what separates the Endura Flap® from the rest.

The Endura Flap® was designed specifically because this is such an unfortunately common dilemma. The recipe for a truly 4­ season, flexible pet door was to incorporate a unique, patented system of magnets that cover all the edges of the pet door. Essentially the Endura Flap® starts undersized but then grows with magnets around its accordion-like bellows to seal regardless of how cold it is outside.

What makes a great pet door?

dog sitting looking at the camera

It's the Flap:

Yes, the design of the frame matters, and the interaction between the flap and the frame matters. But if you haven't got a great flap to put in that frame, you can't possibly have a great pet door. Regardless of how weatherproof the door installation or the door frame is, the flap is where most pet doors fail. If it isn't waterproof and doesn't have energy efficiency, water and drafts will leak through.

Patio Pacific Inc has specialized in the sale of dog doors, cat doors, patio doors, sash windows, and more for over 35 years. During that time, we have handled every pet door ever made. While many of these have been excellent in one respect or another, none has ever combined all the best features into one product.

No Pet Door On The Market Has Ever Met This Standard Until Now...

By the way, you may have noticed the green badge on all of the Endura Flap® pet door images. That's the Fancy Publications Editors' Choice Award for Innovation and Creativity. No other pet door on the market today has received that award. Just the Endura Flap® pet door line.

The perfect pet door should...

  • Be Flexible and Safe
  • Seal Tightly Against Weather
  • Insulate like Dual Pane Glass
  • Not Yellow in the Sun
  • Last 'Forever'
  • Remain Flexible in Very Low Temperatures
  • Employ Variable Magnetic Strength
  • Have a Great Warranty Plan
  • Have Appropriate Dimensions
  • Stand up to Wind
  • Be Visually Clear
  • Be Environmentally Friendly
  • Reflect Superb Engineering
  • Be Made in the USA
  • Have Great Customer Feedback

Flexibility is vital for pet door safety

Endura Flap® is Flexible and Safe

The first design requirement of the Endura Dog Door Flap was that it be flexible. Though the chance of injury, especially pinching, is small in a rigid flap pet door, it is nevertheless real. Over our 40 years in business, we have encountered injury in all types of rigid flap pet doors. Some of these injuries have been serious. The Endura Flap™ dog door flap is soft, flexible, and safe, thereby preventing the risk of pinching and any other rigid pet door related injuries.

The Endura Flap® pet doors have the best seal

Endura Flap® has Superior Seal

Most pet doors or doggy doors today on the market only have magnets along the bottom of the flap to seal the door. From years of experience with dog doors, we realized that having magnets only along the bottom of the pet door isn't enough to keep draft out, so when we designed the Endura Flap, we added a magnetic strip to both of the sides of the flap. These magnets are also right there in the aluminum frame, making the seal between the flap system and the frame even stronger. Having magnets all along the sides and bottom ensures maximum sealability in the flap, which allows you to keep wind, rain, and any critters from gaining entry from your home through the gaps.

Endura Flap® Dog Door provide high insulation values to lower your energy costs

Endura Flap®  Has Superior Insulation

Insulation means nothing if a door doesn't seal. For example, the best insulating windows available aren't much help if you leave them open.

After achieving an airtight seal, however, insulation is essential. A single-walled doggy door flap is not satisfactory for the same reason that single-pane glass is not: It just doesn't insulate very well. While single-pane glass is completely replaced these days by the dual-pane glass, most single flap doors sold on the market today provide no more than a 1/ 8" thickness of vinyl between the living area of the home and the outside weather.

The Endura Flap™ dog door consists of a sealed unit that is slightly thicker than a dual-pane glass unit and provides comparable insulation qualities. The sturdy design of the best dog door flap ever makes this energy-efficient, insulated flap the best dog door flap out there. Heat transfer across an air space in a sealed unit is caused by air currents moving within the space. These currents are caused by the continuous heating and cooling of the air inside the unit. The Endura Flap™ doggie door is divided by horizontal barriers that serve to reduce the effect of these air currents.

A trade-off - We could have filled the flap interior with insulation for better insulation performance. We didn't for the same reason that dual pane windows aren't filled with insulation: It's better if you can see through.

UV Retardant Prevents Cracking and Wrinkling in the Sun

Endura Flap - Very UV Resistant

The sun's rays are very harsh and will produce a yellowing effect on vinyl flaps. Some of these flaps are heavily tinted to prevent this yellowing from showing (we suspect). Besides yellowing, vinyl is weakened by prolonged exposure to ultra-violet, which may cause the doggy door flap to warp in size, or harden and 'chip' away. This, in turn, causes the consumer to buy replacement flaps on a much more frequent basis.

The Endura Flap™ material is specially treated with a powerful UV retardant. And it's not made from vinyl. In intense test chamber exposure equivalent to 2 years of Florida sunlight, no yellowing or degradation of the Endura Flap material occurred. At the same time, we tested the Endura material; we tested vinyl flap samples from every leading pet door manufacturer. In each case, there was significant yellowing, crackling, and degradation of the material.

Durability of the Endura Flap® design

Typical Failure Pattern of a Vinyl Flap

Anyone who has used a pet door for any length of time has seen that the cost of replacing the flaps can exceed the original price of the pet door. This sad fact is because most pet door flaps in use today consist of a sheet of vinyl fastened rigidly across the top of the frame with screws. As the pet goes through the flap, it flexes. Worse, the pet must press upward against that flexed area of the doggy door to get full use of the space.

First, the flap will 'potato chip' and begin leaking badly. Eventually, the repeated flexing causes the vinyl to crack and tear in just the same way that repeated flexing of a coat hanger will cause it to break. And that simple design difference allows the Endura flap pet door to be flexible and extremely durable at the same time. The Endura Flap™ is warranted against failure, except for chewing damage, for 15 years. By the way, since this illustration was designed, the test machine went over 3 million trials with the Endura Flap pet door. Same result.

Superior low temperature performance of the Endura Flap® pet doors

Endura Loves LowTemperature

Vinyl Flaps Perform Poorly and Eventually Fail in the Cold Every winter we hear about vinyl flaps in doggy doors that became stiff in the cold. Usually the vinyl flaps just don't retain enough flexibility to close properly. Sometimes, they get so stiff they break off as the dog attempts to go through. There are low temperature vinyls available that retain more flexibility in cold weather. However, they are softer and less durable and will need replacement more often. And they still can't stand really low temperatures.

The Endura Flap® is not made from vinyl at all. Our pet door flap is manufactured from a polyolefin-based polymer which remains flexible to -40f.

Variable Magnet Strength Feature 

scout the huskey looking at the camera with bashful eyes

You've installed your new wall model pet door in the far war. The wall mount installation looks good; you were careful to get the step-over height right for your dog. You used a level so everything's straight. Then the wind picks up a little and the flap blows open. You're freezing, the thermostat has the heater on full blast and you're watching dollar bills fly out that pet door.

Or perhaps after days of patient training you find that your little dog just can't seem to manage to push the flap. Other small dogs have done just fine with that same pet door but, for some reason, yours can't manage it. Generally, the magnet strength of a pet door flap is what it is and if it's not what you need, well, too bad.

The Endura Flap® was designed from the beginning to allow for a high degree of variability in magnet strength at the threshold where it matters the most. Endura Flap® ship with 1 or 2 magnet pairs depending upon size. However, they will accommodate up to 3, 4 or 5 magnet pairs if needed for wind resistance. Further, there is an optional threshold which, by using a thinner head space, increases the magnet strength of the magnets in place by approximately 50%.

Benefits of high aspect ratio doggy door flaps 

Most pet owners are properly concerned that the pet door opening be an appropriate fit for the dog not only when he's a young, agile guy but when he's toward the end of his life and less agile, possibly arthritic or injured in some way. Understandably, this question can be a hard one to answer.

Many pet door manufacturers or pet door installers have no clue themselves. They will commonly say something like "cats to 15 lbs" or "dogs to 150 lbs". This is nonsense and the worst kind of dis-service to the potential customer trying to make a good decision. It is self-evident, for example, that a standard poodle, tall and slim, will best use a very different pet door from the bulkier and much shorter lab. We’ve experienced many customers calling in to complain that a ‘medium’ sized pet door didn’t work for their 40 lb dog because they were suggested that size on another website. You don’t want to deal with of ordering & returning, potentially installing, and then realizing the pet door you have does not work with your dog. Every dimension matters: The height and width of the flap and also, just as importantly, the "step-over" dimension.

Low Aspect Ratios are Bad!Here's a method that will lead you to a correct answer: Put the top of the flap opening at your dog’s withers (top of his shoulders). Having the top of the flap an inch or so above the withers won't matter much to the dog but will extend the otherwise short life of the typical vinyl flap you're probably working with.
With the top of the flap in the proper position, the bottom should be as low to the floor as you can get it. No "step-over" dimension is too short. Lower is always better. If you are installing into a door, be sure to install the pet door no lower than three inches off the bottom, or else you may be ruining the structural integrity of your door.

Any rise dimension taller than 30% of your pet’s height for most dogs, and less for particularly short-legged or deep-chested dogs, is going to be too high to start with and way too high when he's older, less agile and possibly arthritic or injured.

Then call him through an open doorway set at just the proper width in your judgement (it is somewhat subjective and it's your call) and measure that width. That is the absolute minimum width of the flap you should buy.
If you do this a few times with a few different dogs here's what you'll find.

First, the minimum width will turn out to be much more narrow than your "guess-timate". This is an optical illusion that we're all prone to and which results in the sale of bigger than necessary dog doors all the time. The dog or cat just isn't as wide as you think he is (unless you're one of the very few I've met over the years that really can eye-ball an accurate width for a pet. Some people have perfect pitch also. But I don't and you, dear reader, probably don't either. Measure the doorway).
Next you'll find that when you go shopping for a flap that's at least that width, the height of the flap is going to be much less than you'd like.

thanos and loki in front of the camera

Why is this?? Most pet doors for sale today have a relatively low 'aspect ratio'. That is to say, they are not very tall for their width. For example, my 75 lb lab stands 22" at the withers and needs a minimum of a 9 1/2" width. The very commonly found 10:" x 15" sized flap is not very satisfactory because if I mount the top of the opening at 22" (her withers), then the bottom will be 7" off the floor (22"-15"). She's fine with that today at age 11, but she's nearing the end of her life and I want her to enjoy her dog door for as long as possible. The flap she actually has now is the Endura Flap® at 10" wide by 19" tall and the rise dimension is 3". Much, much better.

The above example represents the situation most commonly found. Dogs are much more often tall and slim rather than short and wide. But most pet doors (not all) are more appropriate for the short-wide type. There's frequently another, less obvious problem with these low aspect ratio flaps and that is security. Especially for dogs around 20-60 lbs--which is a lot of dogs--there is a security issue. A great many dog owners will look a typical 8" x 11" flap and say "width is ok but I need more height". Then they look at a the next size up--frequently 10" x 15"--and see that the height is now ok but the additional width that they don't need has made the pet door large enough for a person to crawl through.

The Endura Flap® Medium is 8" wide by 15" tall. Not wide enough for most people to climb through but tall enough for many dogs that are too tall for the typical 'medium' size. This extra added security feature not only benefits your home, but your pet as well. When you mount a pet door, the top of the flap should be at least as high as the top of the dog’s shoulder (the 'withers'). It doesn't do a lot to make it much taller than that (unless you have a typical vinyl flap where more height will prolong the life of the flap). So a higher aspect ratio flap really means that the bottom of the pet door can be lower to the ground. This height above the ground dimension is called "step-over" and lower is better other things being equal. Of course, if you do need more width, you get it by getting a larger size. Chances are, though, if you need a wider door, you'll want an even taller one as well and that's what you get with the Endura Flap®. With the Endura Flap® Thermo Panel 3e, there is actually an adjustable step-over range which can go anywhere from 3”-11” depending on the size you get. A taller flap is easier to share. It also makes the pet door more accessible to the smaller pet that's sharing with the big guy.

Wind Resistance and Training

Adjustable Magnets On Both Edges and at Threshold

The worst performance a pet door can have is when it blows open in the wind. Then it's really leaking a lot of air. This can prove costly when you’re trying to keep your heat in during the winter, or stay cool during the summer.
The Endura Flap® pet door insert has been proven in a wind tunnel to resist blowing open in winds in excess of 50 mph. In the same comparison testing, two of the largest selling pet doors on the market blew open at approximately 20 mph. (One was in the high 'teens', the other in the low 20's).

Most other pet doors on the market today also do not have magnets along the sides of the flap. This can potentially lead to open gaps along the sides, which may lead to little bugs and critters getting into your house. With the Endura Flap®, there is ensured sealability on all sides of the door, not allowing anything to get through the cracks of the pet door.

Nearly all customers have been satisfied with Endura Flap® wind resistance "out of the box". However, magnet kits are available to further increase wind resistance. Each size will accept up to two additional magnet pairs across the bottom of the flap which increases the magnet strength in that area by 50% to 300% depending upon the size of the flap. Some users would like the flap to be easier to push open while training. The Endura Flap® design allows for temporary elimination of magnets on the sides as well as across the bottom.

When these magnets are removed, the Endura Flap® is extremely easy to push and the floating threshold remains in the low position.

When having the pet door shared by multiple pets, sometimes our customers remove one of the magnets out of the Endura Flap® so it is easier to push on one side for smaller pets. Removing one magnet doesn’t jeopardize the sealing value or wind resistance by a noticeable amount, and it works out well for smaller pets. Here is a video demonstrating how the Endura Flap® holds up to wind.

Flap Clarity

Endura Environmentally Friendly

Ideally, the flap should be clear and colorless. The material used in the Endura Flap® has many advantages over vinyl but is not quite as clear as vinyl can be. The Endura Flap is clear enough for safety for your pet (so he can see through) and good for aesthetics.  Here's a tip When you see those heavily tinted, vinyl flaps in the pet shop: Not only do they look bad; the tinting is so you won't notice the UV yellowing that will begin with exposure to the sun.

Endura Flap® is Environmentally Friendly

Endura Environmentally Friendly

The Endura Flap® uses a polyolefin-based polymer (similar to material used in food storage containers) which is a non-toxic material that is recyclable and safe for the environment. Vinyl (also known as PVC) is the most popular material used for flaps in the US today. Every flexible flap pet door currently available in PetSmart, PetCo or any other mass merchandiser is made of vinyl. Here are some links that will make it clear why we didn't want to use PVC for our flaps: PVC and the Environment and The Dangers of PVC. 



Endura Flap® is Superbly Engineered

Endura is Finely Engineered

Our design engineer, in examining a competitor's considerably more expensive product, remarked that it was 'under engineered'. Choose any energy efficient dog door on the market today and compare it side-by-side with a pet door based upon the EnduraFlap™ Assembly and his meaning will immediately become clear. We utilize a much more complex mechanism and design to ensure that our product is superior and delivers what is promised, a highly insulating and weather-resistant door. The Endura Flap also comes as a sliding glass door / sliding glass panel door insert, with its own weather stripping. All door mounts have installation instructions making cutouts fast and easy for amateur and professional installers. Wall mount pet door installation kits are also available with double flap designs and several different sizes.



If you're interested in some light reading, View an energy performance study of the Endura Flap Pet Door versus two of its competitors.

Endura Flap® is made in the USA

Endura Flap® Pet Doors Are 100% Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in the USA. They are hand made in San Luis Obispo, California. 

Endura Flap - Made in the USA







Endura Flap® Customer reviews

Just a quick note to let you know how wonderful the Endura Flap® line is. We live in the country -basically in the corn fields. Now that the crops are down there is nothing to stop the winds!! We had 50 + MPH winds yesterday & the flap held the wind & never opened! We have 5 French bulldogs & 3 Dobermans & the door is in constant use. It is awesome! I just ordered another for the utility room! Thanks for such a superior product! Paws up with praise!!!! 
Debra B., Beecher, IL

The door continues to work flawlessly after two and half years and we just love it. We enjoy it so much we are considering installing your "Patio Pacific Self-Framing Wall Mount" Featuring the new Endura"Flap®".  We can't say enough of the quality of construction and how much our two Lhasa Apso's enjoy it. 
Dean K., Belgrade, MT

We got the Thermo Panel 3e today and installed it in less than a half hour. I'm impressed with the quality, industrial-strength nature of the product. "First dog" got the hang of it after a few of the included treats enticed her through. "Next dog" is a little shyer, but is learning from watching her sister. I'm impressed with the engineering of the product. So glad I waited a few weeks to get the best. Thanks.
Joseph M., El Prado, NM

Installed [this door] in my house wall 7 years ago. Still good as new even after my 130 lbs. Newfie-mix went through it every day!
Craig M.

mikey ear perked up close up border collie

I've had one of these installed for 3 years now. Two labs going out about 10 times a day (they love their freedom). I've lived through 2 polar vortex Canadian winters with absolutely no problems & no cold getting in. This is the most amazing dog door on the market today!
Jennifer D., Ontario, Canada

I installed the dog door myself, only because in Dallas, TX it's easier to make an appointment with a doctor than to have a contractor/handyman commit and keep an appointment. But, the good news, with very limited tools and ability I got the dog door installed. I'm impressed. It looks great and works just like I wanted. My situation is unique, I rescued a large Shepard during the holiday, I have a declawed cat that was rescue last year. I needed a dog door that allowed my dog access, but would not allow the cat to use it. I didn't want to bother with batteries or powered doors, and had read of problems with them. The dual-flap dog door works exactly like I needed, the dog has access at any time, and the cat is not able to open the door for getting outside access. I am very happy with the product.
Mike R., Dallas, TX

I have been through at least 3 different dog doors including the pet safe flap that was always blowing open, then we went to another door that opened like saloon doors and closed with a spring was better than the flap but eventually never quite closed and was terrible in winds. Well your door with the double flap is amazing and stays closed all of the time. This week Halifax has had a blizzard with 50 cm snow and 90-110 km/hr winds and the flaps stayed shut. Just as impressive we have and extra large door because we have leonbergers but we now have an English Cocker Spaniel puppy and she has learned the door and can open the flaps no problem.
Linda H., Halifax, NS

To the original purchaser, we warrant this product and all of its component parts to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 15 years from the date of delivery to the customer.  Endura Flap® assemblies employed in commercial kennels are warranted for a period of 3 years. Thermo Panel 2e Microchip Patio Panel Pet Door and Thermo Sash 2e with Sureflap Microchip Pet Door are warranted for a period of 3 years.  Damage caused by accident, improper installation, abuse or normal wear, including damage by pets or glass breakage is specifically excluded from this warranty. Defective materials returned to Patio Pacific, together with proof of purchase, will be repaired or replaced and returned to the customer free of charge.

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