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Dog Doors For Sliding Glass Doors

  • Adjustable patio panels ensure a perfect fit in your sliding glass door without permanent installation
  • Aluminum and vinyl frame options provide seamless integration with your sliding glass door track
  • Choose between single or double flap and glass pane options for ideal insulation and weather protection
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Track Width1"<1"<1.5" - 1.75"1.5" - 1.75"Built Into Door
Glass TypeSingle PaneDual PaneSingle PaneDual PaneDual Pane
Insulation LevelHighVery HighHighVery HighVery High
Pet Size< 30"< 30"< 30"< 30"< 30"
Frame MaterialAluminiumAluminiumVinylVinylVinyl
Climate TypeSevere 4-seasonSevere 4-seasonSevere 4-seasonSevere 4-seasonSevere 4-season
Wind ResistanceVery HighVery HighHighVery HighVery High

Single Flap vs. Double Flap

Every single Endura Flap doggy door for sliding glass door is available with a single flap option, but only the Severe Weather Vinyl Patio Dog Door features the extra-insulating double flap system. While every Endura Flap is designed with insulation value and energy efficiency in mind, a double flap pet door is great for those living in extreme weather environments where heavy snow, wind, and rain are frequent issues. 

No matter what type of flap your sliding door dog door panel has, it’s important to ensure that it fits your dog and cat perfectly. A door that is too big can be too heavy for your pet to open. However, a doggie door that is too small can be uncomfortable to use and may result in long-term injury. This is why we recommend measuring your pet before buying a new sliding glass dog door insert. 

To measure your pet, find their height by measuring from their front paws to the highest point of their back. Then you can add one to two inches on top to ensure that the top of the sliding glass door dog door flap does not scrape against their backs. Make sure you factor in the step-over height (the bottom portion of the door that your pet has to step over to enter the flap) of your door, especially since the Thermo Panels come with an adjustable step-over

If your pets are sharing the dog door insert, it’s best that you measure the door based on your tallest pet’s height. But if the flap is now too heavy for your smaller pets to use, you can always adjust the magnet strength of your Endura pet flap to make it easier on smaller or more timid pets. 

Aluminum vs. Vinyl Panels 

Not every sliding door track is made the same. Most tracks will be made either from aluminum or vinyl, and matching your pet doors for sliding glass doors panel with your track can ensure a better fit and prevent your door from sweating (or condensation build-up) in cold weather. 

We have a full guide on all of the differences between an aluminum and vinyl sliding glass door pet door panel, but here are some of the main ones to look out for: 

  • Tap the frame: an aluminum sliding patio door will sound metallic while a vinyl one will make a dull, plastic noise.
  • The tracks on a vinyl sliding glass door are slightly larger than the tracks on an aluminum one. Aluminum tracks are often about 1” wide while vinyl ones are about 1.5” wide.  

How to Measure Track Height  

It’s vital that you make sure your brand-new pet door panel fits your sliding door before you purchase it, which means you’re going to need to measure your sliding door’s track height. To measure your patio sliding door’s track height, use a tape measure to find the distance from your bottom track to your upper track. 

You will also need to use the tape measure to find the width of your track, which needs to be at least 1” for aluminum panels and at least 1.5” for vinyl panels. You can watch the video below to see how it’s done. 

Our vinyl pet doors can fit sliding glass doors 74.75” - 80.25” tall while our aluminum doors fit tracks 74.75” - 96.25” tall (the aluminum panels can also be custom-made below and above that height range, as well as between 80.25” - 93.25”). For a shorter vinyl slider, see the Custom Severe Weather Vinyl Sliding Glass Dog Door. The adjustable track ranges make it easy to get a secure-fitting panel easily.  

sliding glass door panel parts

Locking & Security 

Locking the Flap: Every Endura Flap Pet Door comes with a molded ABS plastic Locking Cover that slides over the flap opening to prevent unwanted critters from getting in and out of your home while you’re away. 

locking cover locking cover

Locking the Panel: All Endura patio pet door inserts come with a C-Clamp Lock. The clamp lock attaches to the flange of the sliding door track at the edge of the sliding panel. This clamp securely locks the door to prevent access while you’re away. When you want to open your slider, simply remove the clamp lock. For additional security, we recommend a wooden dowel or Charley Bar. The Charley Bar can be unlocked in a matter of seconds to open your sliding door. 

Customizing Your Sliding Door Pet Door

The Endura Flap sliding glass pet door panels can be customized to best fit the needs of you, your pet, and your household. 

If you have an aluminum sliding glass door with a monorail track, you can convert your dog door sliding glass door panel with a monorail adapter to ensure a secure fit. 

Is your door less than an inch too tall for the adjustment range? Want to avoid purchasing a custom height door insert? Accidentally ordered a size too small? Then you can use the height extension piece to add an extra ¾” to your door. 

Want to increase the weather resistance of your pet door? Add extra weather stripping around the edges of your pet door insert. You can also replace any worn draft stopper to help block cold drafts from entering your home. 

Features of the Endura Flap Pet Door

Endura Flap Pet Doors are the best dog doors. They’re top of the line in quality, durability, and insulation value. All Endura Flap doors are made in the USA, designed and manufactured in San Luis Obispo, California. Check out the unique features that make the Endura Flap the best pet door

Environmentally Friendly: The non-toxic Polyolefin Polymer Flap is safe for your pets and the environment. Most pet door flaps are made of vinyl (PVC), one of the most environmentally damaging plastics to produce. The production, usage, and disposal of PVC releases toxic, chlorine-based chemicals into the environment.  The polyolefin polymer used for the Endura Flap is recyclable and safe. It is commonly used in food packaging, and its production does not produce any toxic fumes.

recycled pet flap 

Award-Winning Flap: In addition to being environmentally friendly, the Endura Flap is made to withstand extreme heat and cold to keep your home insulated. Whereas most vinyl pet door flaps are about ⅛” thick, the Endura Flap is ⅞” thick. The sealed flap unit is slightly thicker than dual-pane glass and provides a similar level of weather protection.  The flap unit is translucent for maximum ease of use by pets of all sizes. The flap’s interior is divided by horizontal barriers to reduce the effects of air currents moving within this space as it continuously heats and cools.

interior of flap

Severe Weather Protection: Every component of the Endura Flap Pet Door was designed for extreme weather protection, which makes our doors the best patio doors for cold weather. The flap is treated with UV-resistant retardant, preventing shrinking, warping, or yellowing in the sun. It is attached to an architectural extruded aluminum frame for additional durability. All Endura Flap models, single and double flap, protect against temperatures from -40℉ to 110℉, as detailed in this energy performance study. In addition, magnets line all three edges of the pet door flap for 50 mph wind resistance.

ultra violet retardant withstand cold 

Superior Manufacturing: The weather-resistant flap rotates on a rod instead of attaching to screws, preventing the warping and tearing common in standard pet doorsThe magnets lining the flap are customizable, meaning you can adjust the magnet strength for timid pets or for increased wind resistance. 

magnetic flap

High-Aspect Ratio Flap: The safe, flexible Endura Flap has a high-aspect ratio. Most pet door flaps are not very high for their width, meaning you need to install the door higher up to accommodate your pet’s height. With a high-aspect-ratio flap like the Endura, you can install lower to the ground so that your pets can manage the step-over even as they grow older.  

flap dimensions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Thermo Panel and the Quick Panel doggie door for patio doors?

Both pet doors for sliding doors feature the award-winning Endura flap, but the Thermo Panel is made with dual-pane glass and the Quick Panel is made with single-pane glass. This means that the Thermo Panel dog door for sliding doors has a higher insulation value than the Quick Panel. 

While you don’t need to match your panel’s glass with that of your sliding door, doing so will make for a cleaner aesthetic. You can read more about the difference between single and dual pane glass on our blog. 

What kind of glass is in the panels?

All of our sliding glass door inserts are made with Low-e glass, which helps to prevent UV damaging and excessive heat caused by sunlight. 

How do I install my brand new sliding glass door panel insert?

Each installation process is a little bit different depending on what kind of sliding glass door you want. See our installation video archives to learn about other installation options. Here are some videos that can help you install your brand new door:

Can you buy an entire sliding glass door with a pet door installed into it, or are door inserts my only option?

The Pet Door Guys has a great through-the-glass sliding patio door with dog door built in option that has the Endura Flap installed directly into the windowpane of your French or sliding glass door. 

How can I install a sliding patio door with dog door built in if my sliders meet in the middle?

You can install it like any other sliding glass door panel insert. You just need to anchor one of the sliding doors to the middle post in order to make it stable. In short, you will only be able to slide and walk through one of the sliding glass doors while the other remains secure to the pet door insert and the middle post. 

What panel do I order for a wooden sliding door?

You can use either the aluminum or vinyl panel, but we will need to make sure that the track your wooden door runs along will fit either panel. Please pay attention to your track width in particular. If you have a 1" or above track, the aluminum will work for you. For a 1.5" track and above, the vinyl will work. Also check that you do not have a monorail track, or else you will need the monorail adapter.