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Endura Flap® Pet Door Installation Videos

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Dog Door For Walls

Dog Doors For Walls

Pet Door For Doors

Dog Doors For Walls

Thermo Sash 3e Pet Door For Sash Windows

Dog Doors For Walls

Quick Panel or Thermo Panel 3e

Dog Doors For Walls

"In The Glass" Pet Door

Dog Doors For Walls

Vinyl Sliding Glass Pet Door

Dog Doors For Walls

Installation Video Archives

Just bought a new door for your pet? Unsure how to get your Endura Flap pet door installed into your patio door? Can't hire a door installer or just want a weekend, DIY home improvement project? We want the installation process for your new door to be stress-free, so we've curated all the video guides you will need to be your own handyman. Learn how to install your pet door frame into any interior door, sliding door, storm door, security door, or garage door. With these instructions, you can have a brand new pet door opening easily and while improving your exterior door's curb appeal.

Have an in-wall pet door? Don't want to pay for installation services? No problem! We have guides for installing into drywall without damaging the surrounding area of your rough opening.

Have an old door flap that needs replacing? An entry door that needs updating? Click on the pet door you have for a guide on flap door replacement and other home repair instructions.

Have weather stripping? A pre-hung door flap? Beautiful fiberglass French doors? Sliding glass doors? These guides will tell you how do it and what you'll need to do it with.