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Dog Doors For Walls

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Dog Doors For Walls

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Decided to upgrade to a high-quality pet door with a new Endura Pet Door for your dog or cat, but can't hire a door installer or prefer a DIY project? We want the Endura Flap installation process for your new door to be stress-free, so we've curated all the video guides you will need to be your own handyman. We've made learning how to install a pet door quick and easy with video guides for all Endura models. Check out these Endura Flap dog door installation instructions for every installation location.  

Installing a Pet Door in a Wall

Pet doors for walls are an excellent home improvement project with a seamless, classic look. The Endura Flap Dog Door for Walls is top-of-the-line in energy efficiency and insulation value. Installing a dog door through a wall takes a bit of technical skill, as you want to avoid cutting any pipes or wires on the interior of your wall. Learning how to install a pet door in a wall can be tricky. Check out the wall mount installation process to see if you have the skills for a DIY installation. If not, we recommend hiring a professional.

Installing a Pet Door in a Door 

The door mount pet door is a popular option for pet owners looking to install themselves. It’s much easier than installing a pet door through a wall, making it a great option if you prefer not to hire a professional. With the help of tools such as a jigsaw, screwdriver, and level, you’ll be on your way to installing your new Endura Dog Door for Doors.    

Installing a Pet Door in a Slider or Window 

Endura Flap pet doors for sliders and windows are quick and easy to install with few to no tools. This is the perfect option for renters or vacation homeowners looking for a quick, hassle-free installation. With the exception of the In the Glass Pet Door, all Endura sliding door panels can be installed and removed in a matter of minutes. For windows, check out our selection of pet doors for windows.  

Still deciding on the right Endura Flap Pet Door flap for your home? Make sure to measure your pet to determine the correct flap size for them. When you get your new pet door, you can reference these Endura flap pet door installation archives or contact customer service at any time for support.