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Dog Doors for Walls

Endura Flap® Pet Doors for Walls allow your pet total freedom while providing superior energy efficiency and insulation value

  • Designed to withstand extreme climates — easily accommodates a double flap for severe weather protection
  • Durable, high-quality flap lined with magnets on three sides to stay shut in 50mph winds
  • Easy installation in walls, comes with all required hardware and sturdy aluminum framing


The Endura Flap® Wall Mount is the best pet door for wall installation with maximum energy efficiency and wind resistance designed for moderate to extreme climates. Additionally, it is much easier to reverse the installation for wall mount pet doors by patching up the wall as opposed to patching up a hole in your door. The polyolefin polymer flap stays flexible at -40 °F and will not warp or crack in severe heat, ensuring maximum longevity and durability. No more buying replacement flaps for your doggy door every season. Our side and retainer magnets ensure a weatherproof seal. 

Single Flap

Endura Flap Single Flap Wall Mount
  • A more affordable option designed for weather resistance in moderate climates
  • Easier for small or timid pets who might struggle to push through stronger magnets
  • Sturdy aluminum frame and tunnel for supreme durability

Double Flap

Endura Flap pet door for Walls with double flap
  • Double Flap provides the best energy efficiency for the most severe climates
  • Lined with magnets on three sides to keep your door shut in winds up to 50mph
  • Recommended for extreme weather conditions to maximize insulation in your home


Single Flap: The single flap pet door for walls is ideal for smaller or timider pets who may have a harder time pushing through a double flap system. The single Endura Flap® is more affordable, but will not insulate your home as well as the double flap version, which is better suited to extreme heat and cold. However, for moderate climates, the single flap is a great option and will give you the peace of mind that your pet can come and go as needed.

Double Flap: The double flap wall mounted doggie door is perfect for those who live in harsh weather conditions where insulation is a top priority. With the use of heavy-duty magnets, these flaps have been tested to withstand up to 50 mph of wind. The Double Flap Endura Wall Mount is the most insulating and weather-resistant pet door on the market.

Security, Size & Self-Framing

Every Endura Flap® Pet Door comes with a locking cover for added security so that you can choose when to restrict access to your dog door. Locking covers can be used to close off exterior wall pet door at night to keep intruder critters out, or to keep your pets inside or outside (also great for vacations). If you purchase the double flap door mount, the locking cover can be placed on either the interior or exterior side. If you are buying the single flap version, both the locking cover and the flap will face the interior side. Unlike a typical dog door installation or sliding glass door or sliding door patio panel options, you can put a wall mount dog door anywhere you want, giving you maximum flexibility on location.


Endura Flap pet door locking cover


The Endura Flap comes in a variety of sizes, from door sizes small to super large, to suit any pet, from extra small dogs to extra large dogs. If you purchase the right flap size, they can even function as a cat flap or cat door. Check out our measuring guide to determine the best size for your pet.

The Endura Flap® Pet Door Wall Kits fit all walls up to 8” thick, and Endura Flap® dog doors for walls are 'self-framing' pet doors, meaning the inside of the wall is sealed off with a heavy-duty aluminum frame and tunnel so moisture will not invade and damage the interior of your wall. The metal frame of the door will also stand up to abuse from pet or weather much better than a plastic pet door or electronic dog door would. Choose high-quality materials over plastic frames.

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