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Get The Most Durable, Weather-Tight Pet Door Ever Made

  • Most insulating pet door on the market engineered to withstand -40 degree temperatures and extreme heat
  • Built with a patented system of high-quality magnets to keep flap shut in 50mph winds
  • Manufactured in the USA and backed by a Lifetime Warranty — Free Shipping within the U.S.
Millie the lab mix sitting in the middle of tennis balls waiting to play

Looking for the best dog door or cat door? Here are just a few reasons why you should buy an Endura Flap® pet door

Built to Last Forever

Why Buy Endura Flap®?
An Endura pet door with a white frame and two clear flaps

Hear What Customers Say About Their Dog Doors

Don’t waste your money on a cheap door. Do it right the first time. I have two Endura Pet Doors, they last. Excellent quality.


At last a dog door that can withstand the elements and my dogs... A good investment indeed.


It really is the best dog door, I have 3 large and enthusiastic standard poodles that come barreling through the dog door like freight trains and this door is still going strong.


Amazing Product... 

Highly durable product! Loved it.


I have made many recommendations and all my dog lovin' friends really are impressed with the quality and durability. Thank you for making such a great product for my Aussies.


We purchased and installed this product for a local customer with a small 15 lbs. terrier. We were very impressed with the durability, construction, and ease of installation.


I love this pet door and so do my dogs!


We should have got the Endura pet door years ago! We love it!


Best dog door on the market, bar none.