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Millie the lab mix sitting in the middle of tennis balls waiting to play

Looking for the best dog door or cat door? Here are just a few reasons why you should buy an Endura Flap® pet door

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An Endura pet door with a white frame and two clear flaps

Loki my cat using his door plus a picture of his regal self. He loves his door!

Jeannie Colson

This is Milton and I love his pet door! Milton always wonders what he can fit through there with him!


Henry is a two-year-old Golden Retriever and was very reluctant to go through the door, but when he decided to use the entrance it was nonstop. The door is a gateway to a new world for Henry. Henry loves being outside observing all the activity. Yes, the door is much more than a door.

D Ferguson

Nice product. The template was very easy to follow for the hole in the door, but what they don't mention is if you have a thin door (mine went in the bottom panel) you need to cut down the dog flap to make it thinner.

Amazon Customer

Calvin loves his dog door. 🐶 ❤️

Britnee Martinez

It is extremely well made and easy to install. I absolutely love this alternative to a doggie door—now to train the cat…

Amazon Customer

Good instructions for assembly and the quality is unmatched from any other dog door I've installed. Most important for us is there are no small gaps in flap that allow unwanted access from bugs.

Amazon Customer

Great for Doors and for Metal Siding. We have put it on our sheet metal outer wall and it works just fine between the raised corrugations.

Amazon Customer

Excellent quality dog door. I love the sturdy aluminum frame. The flap seals well—much better design than other dog doors I researched. Would buy it again. My Aussie loves it.

Amazon Customer

Best Doggie Door On The Planet! This is the 2nd door I've had from endura flap they are the best. They hold up extremely well in Wyoming wind.

Amazon Customer