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Pet Doors for Windows

Allow your pets the freedom to come and go while enjoying quick,
easy installation and exceptional weather resistance

  • Weatherproof flap withstands -40 degree temperatures and stays shut in 50mph winds
  • The spring-loaded design allows quick, tool-free installation in vertical or side-sliding window tracks
  • Dual-pane, low-E glass provides UV and infrared resistance for maximum insulation value


Pet doors for windows are a quick and easy way to install a cat door or dog door in your sash or horizontal sliding window without permanent changes to your home. No tools are required for installation due to the spring-mechanism, designed to allow installation or removal of the pet door within minutes. These pet doors are perfect for renters or vacation homes. The energy-efficient flap and the dual-paned glass provides excellent insulation to keep the cold or heat from entering your home.

Endura Flap® Thermo-Sash 3e Window Pet Door

Endura Flap® Thermo-Sash 3e Window Pet Door
  • For up and down sliding windows
  • Withstands wind up to 50mph
  • Various adjustment ranges to fit your window

Endura Flap® Horizontal Window Pet Door

Endura Flap® Horizontal Window Pet Door
  • For side to side sliding windows
  • Has excellent insulation
  • Two adjustment ranges to fit standard track height windows


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Security & Size

All window pet doors come with a locking cover to add to the security of your dog door. These can be used to close off the pet door during the night time to keep intruders out or to keep your pets inside or outside. Check out our measuring guide to determine the best size for your pet.

Endura Flap® pet door locking cover

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