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Replacement Flaps for Single Flap and Double Flap Doors

We carry all of the additional and replacement doggie door parts you need to keep your pet door flap in top condition. You can find all the pet door replacement parts for the Endura Flap Pet Door line here, including our award-winning Pet Door Flap

Endura door flaps are designed to withstand the elements year-round. In turn, they have a significantly longer lifespan than ordinary doggy door flaps. The dog door replacement flap allows you to restore a chewed-up flap, or upgrade your door after years of wear and tear. Endura Flap replacement parts are great for keeping your door looking good-as-new through a lifetime of use. 

The doggy door replacement flap is compatible with all Endura single and double flap pet door models. For double flap doors, you can order two dog door flaps, unless you only need to replace one. On the replacement dog door flap, you’ll find an installation guide for replacing the flap in every Endura Flap pet door model. 

Check out Endura Troubleshooting for more helpful flap information, such as how to adjust the magnet strength of the flap for your pet. If you need to strengthen the seal on your Endura Flap door, our Additional Magnet Sets are just the thing to keep gusts of wind and cold drafts from getting into your home. Did your dog chew off the Bottom Retainer Clip? We have a brand new one that will keep your flap’s magnets in place.


Parts for Additional Weather Protection

One of the Endura Flap’s best features is the weather protection it offers. But if you live in an area with extreme cold or heat, you might need something with a little extra energy efficiency to keep your home insulated.

That’s why we make it easy to get additional Weather Stripping that can be applied all around the edge of your dog door for sliding glass doors and windows panels to provide extra protection against drafts. It’ll keep your AC in during the summer months and heating in during harsh winters. All Endura pet door panels come with this weatherstripping, but after years of use, a refresh is a perfect way to keep your pet door at peak performance. 

In addition to weatherstripping, all Endura patio panels come with a Draft Stopper, which reinforces the pet doors’ already excellent weather protection around the center post of your panel to ensure that your home is extra protected against drafts. The weather-tight strip seals gaps up to 1-½” wide between the back edge of your sliding door or window and the pet door panel. The replacement draft stopper is perfect if yours is lost or worn out.


Locking & Security

Locking the Flap: Every Endura Flap Pet Door comes with a durable, ABS plastic Locking Cover that slides over the flap opening to prevent unwanted critters from getting in and out of your home while you’re away. The locking pet door cover allows you to control when your pet has access to the door for peace of mind.

Locking Sliding Door Inserts: Many pet guardians hesitate to get a doggy door for sliding glass door panel insert in fear that their patio door would be unable to lock properly after installation. All of our patio pet door inserts and sideways-sliding window inserts come with a C-Clamp Lock. The clamp lock attaches to the flange of the sliding door or window track at the edge of the sliding panel. This clamp securely locks the door or window to block access while you’re away. For additional security, we recommend a wooden dowel or Charley Bar

Locking Sash Window Inserts: To permanently lock your Endura Sash Window Insert, you can install a wood screw in the track immediately above the window on both sides. With this method, you would no longer be able to raise the window. For continued use of your window sash, the Charley Bar is the perfect solution, offering peace of mind while still allowing your pets to come freely between the house and the backyard.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to replace the flap?

Yes, the flap is easy to replace. For door and wall mounts, you will need to first remove the frames to replace the flap. See the Endura Replacement Flap page for detailed instructions. 

How do I replace the flaps for a double flap model?

If you need to replace both flaps, you would purchase two Replacement Door Flaps. If you only need to replace one, you would order only one Endura Flap replacement flap. 

Can I add a second flap to my single flap door to make it a double flap?

It is possible to add a second flap later, but it will require new parts and re-assembly. You would need to purchase a new Door Mount Installation Kit or Wall Mount Installation Kit, as well as an exterior flap and frame assembly. The only item you will keep from your single flap door or wall mount would be the interior flap and frame assembly. 

How many additional magnet kits can I add to the flap?

The Endura Flap Additional Magnet Kit can be used to replace lost magnets or to add more magnets for increased wind resistance. Each magnet kit includes two magnets. All Endura flap sizes have two empty magnet pair spaces, allowing the addition of four magnets for a total of two pairs. 

What is the difference between the additional magnet kit and the magnetic strip and wrap strip kit?

The Additional Magnet Kit is used to replace or add to the magnets at the bottom of the pet door flap. The Magnetic Strip and Wrap Strip Kit is used to replace the thin magnets and plastic coverings that run alongside the edges of the Endura Flap frames. The magnetic strips go inside the plastic covering. 

Is the replacement retainer clip plastic or metal?

The Endura Flap Retainer Clip is plastic. Older models of the Endura Flap used to have a metal retainer clip (the piece that holds the magnets kits in place). Newer models have a plastic retainer clip, which is lighter weight and won’t rust over time. The new plastic retainer bottom will still work for the old door models. Applying a bead of silicone around the top of the retainer clip when installing helps it stay in place more securely. 

What is the monorail adapter? Do I really need it? 

The Endura Flap Monorail Adapter is used for sliding glass doors that have a monorail track instead of a U-shaped track. Since the panels are designed to sit in a U-shaped track, the monorail adapter mimics this design by creating a U-shaped piece for the panel to sit in that you screw into your monorail. It fits over tracks ¾” wide by ¾” tall. With a monorail sliding door track, this risk is that the pet door panel will “jump” off the track since it is sitting on top of a flat monorail and not inside a U-shaped track wall. If you have a large or active dog who runs through the door top-speed, we recommend purchasing the monorail adapter to avoid this issue.