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What size should I buy?

Before you train your dog to use a dog door, selecting the correct flap size will ensure the pet door is comfortable for your pet for the rest of their life! The flap should sit high enough for your tallest pet to comfortably walk through without crouching, and low enough for all your pets to comfortably step through. Keep in mind that as pets grow older, it can become more difficult to pick up their paws for a pet door that is installed higher off the ground. Find out how to measure your pet here.


How to measure your pet


Why should I buy an Endura Flap®?

It's simple - because your pet deserves the best! Since our start in 1976, we have put in countless hours designing, testing, and developing the most insulated pet door flap on the market. With durable, highly insulated flaps that remain flexible in -40 Fahrenheit degree weather, can withstand 50 mph winds, and have an unsurpassed 15 year warranty, the Endura Flap® is an obvious choice when it comes to high quality pet doors! The Endura Flap® was designed with quality, durability, and safety in mind - ensuring that your furry friends are given only the best of the best.

Learn more about the exceptional design and other capabilities of the Endura Flap® here.

Endura Flap Doors 

Where are these made and shipped from?

All Endura Flap® products are manufactured in the USA and shipped from San Luis Obispo, California with the exception of the Pet Door Guys - "In-the-Glass" doors, which are shipped from Washington.


How to train a cat to use a cat door?

Start with a hungry cat. Hunger may be a good training aid since some cats can be stubborn. Keep in mind that you, the trainer, has to have patience. Some cats get it right away, some cats take more time to learn that the pet door is a portal to fun in the sun!

Limit your training sessions to about 10 minutes. Try not to overdo it. Have the cat on one side of the pet door and you on the other Open the flap so they can see the hole through the door or wall Hold the flap open for them and give them a treat or food, repeat drawing them closer to the pet door opening until the come through - don't forget to praise them when they're successfully through. Reverse positions and repeat.

Continue the steps above until their accustomed to going through the opening then gradually and gently lower the flap so the cat can get use to pushing it and the feel of the flap on it's back Repeat above steps until they comfortable on their own Did I mention the two P's; Patience and Praise? They'll be your best friend.

How to train a dog to use a dog door?

louie the schnauzer poodle mix sitting and yawning

Most dogs are so happy to be able to go outside that training is a breeze. However, your pooch doesn't know what a pet door flap is at first so they will need to be shown how it works. Here are some tips on how to make sure your canine companion can go through their door easily and safely. The first best choice is to make sure you choose the right size door. You don't a large dog to have to squeeze through a pet door or small dog having to push a large flap.

Limit training sessions to no more than 10 minutes at a time. Every dog is different. Some learn in one session, others take more training. Patience may be a necessity. Do not push or shove them through the door. The first step is to slowly introduce them to the pet door. Hold the flap open for them all the way at first; then less so they gradually gets the idea of pushing against it to get through. If your pet does not venture through the hole, try coaxing them through with a treat or toy at the other end.

Try not letting your pet use the real door to enforce that this is their door.Praise helps - don't forget to gently encourage and when successful, praise them. Repeat as necessary.

How to secure a dog door from intruders?

All Endura Flap® Pet Doors, except Kennel Doors, ship with a Locking Cover. The Locking Cover is made with a strong, molded ABS plastic in a three-dimensional shape for increased strength. In fact, it is as strong a 1/16" sheet of steel and has a clip lock for added security. It can be used when away for extended periods of time and especially at night when the nocturnal, troublesome creatures are out and about. If you installed a pet door for a dog, it probably is the best deterrent of all. Here are a couple of other options for those who need super-security. You can purchase a Watchdog Steel Security Pet Door Cover. It's mounted over the exterior pet door frame, and secures with a combination lock for the ultimate deterrent. Lastly, there are many types of electronic security options to explore depending on your needs.

Why do dogs sleep in weird positions?

scout sad eyes looking at camera

They're probably dreaming about that new pet door to give them access to the sun and fun of outdoors. Sleeping habits of your canine companion can tell you a lot about them. A change in their sleeping behavior can alert you to problem with your pooch. Here are a few sleeping styles and their perceived meanings: On the side with their legs extended = They feel safe and secure, you're doing a great job parenting them and providing a safe living environment. Curled up in a ball = They're probably cold. It could also mean they're feeling defensive or sometimes it's just simply a comfortable way to sleep. Sleeping with stomach flat on the floor = They're just resting for minute, maybe more, but they'll be ready to spring into action when necessary. On the back with paws up = Extremely comfortable in surroundings and feeling safe. It's also a great way for them to cool down when they're hot.

Why does my dog sleep by the door?

They're probably waiting to get outside to "take care of business." On the serious side, there are a lot of pooches that like to sleep by the front door. Dog's personalities are extremely varied. Often entrance ways are tiled which makes them a cool place to lay. If this is the primary entrance to your home they know this is the portal people come and go through. They wait there to greet the next person with a big wet kiss. Some dogs are more protective in nature and want to make that "bad guy" dressed in brown doesn't harm anyone in their home. We'll never really know what they're thinking, but as long as the behavior isn't harmful let them do their job.

How can I contact you?

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