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What Fruits and Vegetables Can My Dog Eat?

Our dogs are experts at begging for food off our plates. Their cute begging faces can be so effective that it’s nearly impossible to not give them just a tiny bit of our dinners. While fruits and vegetables seem like they should be safe for your dogs to eat, there are plenty that can be harmful to dogs.

Read on to learn more about what everyday fruits and vegetables are and are not safe for your dog to consume.

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What Vegetables Can My Dog Eat?

Vegetables can be a delicious way for your dog to get the nutrition that they need to live a long and healthy life. However, there are plenty of vegetables that your dog should avoid as they can be poisonous to dogs.

So you might be wondering…

Can dogs eat carrots?

Yes! Carrots are a great source of vitamins for dogs. Plus, they make a great treat for your dog to munch on.

Can dogs eat spinach?

Yes, but only in small amounts. While spinach has a lot of benefits including iron, it is also high in oxalic acid. Too much oxalic acid can block a dog’s body from absorbing calcium, which can lead to kidney damage.

Can dogs eat broccoli?

Yes, but only in small amounts. Broccoli is another vegetable that has a lot of great nutrition for dogs, but is also high in another substance that can be potentially damaging. Broccoli is high in isothiocyanates, which can cause gastric irritation in dogs. Dog experts also recommend chopping broccoli up into small pieces before giving it to your dog, as the stalks pose a choking hazard.

Can dogs eat mushrooms?

No! Wild mushrooms are highly toxic towards dogs. If there are mushrooms or other fungi in your garden, it’s best to get rid of them so that your dog does not accidentally consume it. Experts even warn against giving your dog the white mushrooms commonly found at your local supermarket.

Can dogs eat peas?

Yes! They are high in fiber and other great nutrients, so feel free to give them as many peas as they want.

Can dogs eat onions, leeks, or chives?

No! Vegetables from the allium family are highly poisonous to most pets, including dogs and cats. Eating allium can not only cause vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, and nausea; but your dog’s red blood cells could also rupture.

Can dogs eat celery?

Yup! This crunchy vegetable is high in plenty of vitamins your dog needs, like vitamins A, B, and C. It’s also an old wives’ tale that celery can freshen up your dog’s breath better than doggy toothpaste.

Can dogs eat brussel sprouts and cabbage?

Yes, but be warned. While both vegetables are very nutritious, they will make your dog gassy.

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What Fruit Can My Dog Eat?

Fruits and berries can make great healthy treats for dogs, just like they do for humans. Like vegetables, you need to make sure that you are only feeding your dog fruit that is non-toxic for them.

So you might be wondering…

Can dogs eat bananas?

Yes! They’re a great source of protein, but make sure not to give your dog too many, as bananas are also high in sugar content.

Can dogs eat apples?

Yes! An apple a take keeps the vet away, as apples are a great source of vitamins and fiber for dogs. Just make sure you take out toe core and seeds before giving them to your dog, as they are toxic and may pose a choking hazard.

Can dogs eat strawberries?

Yes! Just like bananas, they are high in sugar content and should be given in moderation, but they also include an enzyme that can whiten your dog’s teeth.

Can dogs eat oranges?

Yes, they can! Oranges are high in vitamin C, which makes them very nutritious for dogs. However, most dogs are not fans of citrus smells or flavors, so your dog might not like them as much as you do. If your dog happens to like oranges, make sure you only give them the flesh and take out the peel and seeds.

Can dogs eat blueberries?

Yes! This superfood is rich in antioxidants that are perfect for keeping your dog happy and healthy.

Can dogs eat grapes?

No! Grapes (and raisins) are highly toxic to dogs, so much so that eating even the smallest amount of grapes can lead to acute sudden kidney failure. This is a highly toxic fruit that should be kept away from your dog at all times.

Can dogs eat pears?

Yes! They make a great treat for dogs as they are high in plenty of nutrients your dog needs. Just make sure to remove the pit and seeds, as those are toxic to dogs. Pear pits are high in cyanide, which is as poisonous in dogs as it is for humans. If your dog is eating a pear, be on the lookout for symptoms of cyanide poisoning, such as dilated pupils, difficulty breathing, and red gums. If your dog is showing signs of cyanide poisoning, take them to the nearest emergency veterinary hospital as soon as possible.

Can dogs eat cherries?

No! While the flesh of cherries is technically non-toxic, it is too easy for a dog to accidentally eat the seed in the middle. Like pears and apples, cherry seeds are high in cyanide, which is very poisonous for dogs. Since cherries are so high-risk and low-reward value, it’s best to just skip them.

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You should also make sure that there are no plants in your garden that are harmful to dogs, especially if your dog has free access to the backyard through a pet door. Before starting any diet, make sure you consult with your veterinarian to make sure that your dog’s nutritional needs are being met.

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Pets: I have a fluffy, 14 year old chow-collie mix with red fur named Rosso. He's very stubborn and has the standoffish personality of a cat.
Fun stuff: I am a hot chocolate connoisseur.

Copy Editor

Pets: I have a fluffy, 14 year old chow-collie mix with red fur named Rosso. He's very stubborn and has the standoffish personality of a cat.
Fun stuff: I am a hot chocolate connoisseur.

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