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Installing In the Glass Pet Door


Video Transcription

This installation is done by a professional glazier and requires specific skills to remove and replace the glass in a sliding door.


Panels can obstruct your view and they can cause problems when people try to use the door. What is the answer? "In the Glass" units are one complete unit to replace the glass in your existing sliding glass door. It is the best of the best; there's no need to compromise your security or your view through your glass door. The Endura Flap is superior to other flaps in quality and insulation, paired with a professional, beautiful design that fits right into your existing glass door.


The first step is to remove your sliding glass door.


Then you are going to remove your old glass.

replacing your sliding glass door glass with another piece of glass with a pet door installed


Your glazier will help prepare for the new piece of glass.


Get the dog panel where it is supposed to be, dock it around the handle, and set it on your setting blocks, and that's all there is to it.


And then you are going to put everything back together.


The diagram below shows how 2" or 4" of additional step-over may be added if needed. However, remember that it is usually desirable to keep the step-over as low as possible to maintain accessibility. Because of that, it may be better to add height by moving to a larger sized pet door. Every increase in Endura Flap™ pet door size adds 4" to the height of the pet door without raising the step-over at all.

Adding Additional Step-Over


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