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Endura Additional Magnet Kit - Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Click to see how to attach the retainer clip to the flap.

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Installation icon Difficulty Easy
Installation icon Steps 06
Installation icon Time Required 0.5 hours
Installation icon Sections 01
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  • Flap Magnets
  • Wrapped Magnet


  • Pencil

Step 1 Remove the Threshold

  • Remove the threshold from the bottom of the pet door frame.

Step 2 Remove the Retainer Clip

  • Remove the retainer clip from the flap.

Step 3 Install the Flap Magnets

  • Add the additional magnet in one of the slots in the bottom of the flap and put the retainer bottom back on.
  • Make sure the retainer bottom is pushed all the way up so that the molded nubs are sticking through the cut out in the retainer clip.

Step 4 Locate the Wrapped Magnet

  • Take the magnet that is wrapped and stick it onto the bottom of the flap so that it is attracting to the one that you just inserted into the flap.

Step 5 Install the Wrapped Magnet into Threshold

  • Slide the wrapped magnet into the threshold.
  • Use a pencil to push it into the threshold so that when the threshold is installed back in to the frame the new magnet will line up with the one in the flap.
  • You can easily gauge how far to push the magnet by using the pencil to measure.

Step 6 Reinstall the Threshold

  • Push the threshold back into the frame.