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Installation Instructions - Thermo Panel Adapters for Monorail Doors

Installation Instructions

Installation icon Difficulty Moderate
Installation icon Steps 07
Installation icon Time Required 0.5 Hours
Installation icon Sections 01
Installation icon Flags 01


  • Monorail Adapter
  • 2 10-24 x 1-1/8" Stainless steel screws
  • 2 10-24 Stainless Steel Acorn nuts


  • Drill with a 3/8“ bit for drilling metal
  • Clamps

Compatible Panel Models: Endura Flap Aluminum Thermo Panels. The monorail adapter installation requires two people. Please review the installation instructions included with your panel to familiarize yourself with the installation guidelines.

Please Note: Before drilling into your panel, test fit which side of the monorail adapter (1” or 1-1/2") depth will fit over your track the best without any gaps.

Step 1 Test Fit the Adapter

  • Test fit the adapter on your monorail track to determine which side fits your monorail height the best (1” or 1-1/2").
  • The opposite channel will hold your pet door panel.
  • Mark the side for the panel so you can properly drill the holes.

Step 2 Lay the Panel Flat

  • Lay the panel on a table with the Height Adjustment Locks facing up.
  • Clamp it to the table.

Step 3 Drill the Holes

  • With the end of the panel hanging slightly off the table, drill the holes straight through the panel and adapter pieces (all the way until the drill bit punches through the other side of the adapter).

Step 4 Apply Weatherstripping

  • Remove the panel from the table. Remove the clamps, holding the adapter to the panel.
  • Apply weather stripping to sides of panel (included upon the purchase of your panel).

Step 5 Position In Slider Track

  • Have one person hold the panel in place over the monorail track, leaving at least ¼” of space between the bottom of the panel and the track.
  • The second person needs to slide the adapter pieces together onto the inside and outside face of the patio panel so that they overlap and sandwich the panel and track.

Step 6 Screw Into Place

  • With the second person still holding the panel, gently lower it until it is resting on the adapter pieces, and the adapter channel is resting on the sliding door track.
  • Put the two screws through the holes and screw the cap nuts on (or nuts with protective caps).
  • Double check to make sure that the screw end is not protruding and there are no sharp edges sticking out.

Step 7 Release Height Adjustment Mechanism

  • Gently release the Height Adjustment Locks so that the height adjustment piece rises into the upper track.
  • Tighten the Height Adjustment Locks to affix the top tension adjustment piece in place.
  • Assure that the panel is stable and fixed in place. Then have the second person release the panel.