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Panel Adapters for Monorail Doors

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  • Channel attachment for monorail sliding glass doors
  • Fits over tracks ¾" wide by ¾" high
  • Available in white, bronze, or satin to match your door
  • Screws not included
Perfect Fit in Monorail Tracks Perfect Fit in Monorail Tracks
Polished Look Polished Look
Easy Installation Easy Installation

All of the Endura Flap panels are designed to fit into recessed tracks. Many sliding glass doors now have a raised track, so we've designed the monorail dog door attachment for sliding door panels to accommodate those with raised tracks. The adapter provides a channel for the panel to fit in, ensuring that your Endura Flap door is stable. This adapter works for the Endura Flap small to extra-large sizes.

Size Chart

Flap Size Flap Dimension Stock Code
Small 6" w x 11" h 19PPC06M
Medium 8" w x 15" h 19PPC08M
Large 10" w x 19" h 19PPC10M
Extra Large 12" w x 23" h 19PPC12M

Additional Notes

  • The adapter comes with guide holes pre-punched, but you will have to drill the finish holes through the panel.
  • Additional screws will need to be purchased. Once the adapter is fitted onto the bottom, the total thickness of the panel will be 1". Make sure the screws purchased will have a little extra length in order for a rounded cap nut to fit over them.
  • This part is only for Endura or SureFlap panels. It will not be compatible with any other model or manufacturer.

Required Tools

  • Drill with a 3/8" bit
  • 2x 1 1 3/4" screws
  • 2x nuts
  • 2x screw caps
  • Clamps

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Lay the panel on a table with the thumbscrews facing up. Clamp it to the table.

Step 2: Take the adapter side with the pre-punched holes and line it up on the bottom of the panel, facing up. Take the second piece and put that on the back side of the panel, clamping both pieces to the bottom of the panel.

Step 3: With the end of the panel hanging slightly off the table, drill the holes straight through the panel and adapter pieces (all the way until the drill bit punches through the other side of the adapter).

Step 4: Remove the panel from the table. Remove the clamps, holding the adapter to the panel.

Step 5: Apply weather stripping to sides of panel (included upon the purchase of your panel).

Step 6: Have one person hold the panel in place over the monorail track, leaving at least ‚¼"‚ of space between the bottom of the panel and the track.

Step 7: The second person needs to slide the adapter pieces together onto the inside and outside face of the patio panel so that they overlap and sandwich the panel and track.

Step 8: With the second person still holding the panel, gently lower it until it is resting on the adapter, and the adapter channel is resting on the sliding door track. ‚ Put the two screws through the holes and screw the nuts on. Put on the protective screw caps.

Step 9: Double check to make sure that the screw end is not protruding and there are no sharp edges sticking out.

Step 10: Gently release the thumbscrews so that the height adjustment piece rises into the upper track. Tighten the thumbscrews to fix the top tension adjustment piece in place.

Step 11: Assure that the panel is stable and fixed in place. Then have the second person release the panel.

Please review the installation instructions included with your panel to familiarize yourself with the installation guidelines. This installation requires two people.


Can I get a black frame on a glass sliding door with a dog door built-in?

No. We currently offer the sliding glass doors with pet door built-in in white and beige trim.

Can I get this shipped to my house instead of the glass company?

If you get the standard sized pet door, it can be shipped to a home. However, if you have an oversized unit, it is best to ship to your glass company. Additional fees will be charged to your account if an oversized unit goes to a residential location.

Can I install one of the glass units myself?

We highly recommend hiring a glass company to install and measure for you. Depending on how handy you are, it may be possible; however, if the measurements are off, this item cannot be returned due to its customization.

Can I lock the pet door when I don't want my dog to use it?

The flap itself will be coming with a locking cover. This cover slides on the track of the frame to securely prevent access.

Can you change the flap in the glass units if it wears out?

Yes. It might sound strange, but you will need to purchase the one for the Door/Wall Mount since that includes the hole plugs.  However, they can be a little difficult to replace because you must remove the whole frame in order to get the new flap into place properly.

Does my glazier have to assemble the three pieces in this pet door In the Glass door?

No, this sliding glass doors with pet door built in is a single piece replacement unit. Your glazier will remove your existing Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) and replace it with your new IGU that has a pet door built-in. It is one unit.

How do I order a Pet Door Guys dog door installed in a sliding glass door?

  • Check out our Placement Guide, which will show you where the pet door should be installed based on your sliding glass situation
  • Contact a glazier from a local glass shop to measure and install your unit
  • Measure your pet to get an accurate flap size. The In the Glass unit comes with a 3 ¾" step-over in addition to any step-over your frame has right now, which you will need to take into account
  • Place the order on this page to receive the order form asking for your custom dimensions. Your order is on hold until we receive this order form. The form is emailed directly to you as you complete your order.
  • The custom-built glass will be made and shipped with your pre-installed pet door for your sliding glass door.

How long does it take to get the "Through the Glass" model?

It takes about 3-4 weeks for these types of pet doors to be manufactured. Transit time is about 1-5 business days as it ships from the West Coast. When it ships, we will send a tracking number via email, which will include an estimated delivery date so you can schedule with your installer to come out.

I bought this from, but the glass part is made by a different company. Who do I go to for warranty?

The flap and frame assembly is made by, whereas the glass company who made your glass and installed the door is Pet Door Guys. If you have issues regarding the pet door itself, please contact The EnduraFlap has a 15 year warranty period. For the glass unit, the warranty period is covered for 10 years and goes through Pet Door Guys.

What does it mean by standard and oversize glass size?

Standard Glass Size has a square inch range of 34" x 76" or smaller. Oversized Glass Size would be any range over 34" x 76" and up to 46" x 92". Both work with Single or Dual-Pane Tempered Glass.

What does my glazier need to measure?

Your glazier will need to have the thickness, height, width, and whether your glass has Low-e coating or not.

What is the maximum step-over height I can get for a sliding door with a pet door built-in?

The step-over height of the pet door glass door depends on the height of the bottom frame that you are installing the In the Glass pet door in. The maximum height can be 7 3/4" plus the height of your bottom frame. This unit default is 3 3/4" above your bottom frame and also has the option of 5 3/4" above the bottom frame.

What is the minimum step-over?

The minimum step-over on the "Through the Glass" units is 3 3/4" plus however tall the frame of the sliding door is.  If your frame is 2” tall, then the minimum step-over would be 5-¾”.  There are 2" or 4" step-over add-on options as well; these will add 2” and 4” to the minimum to raise the step-over to accommodate taller pets.

What step-over does this come with already?

Originally, there is a 3 3/4" step-over. Plus, however tall your slider frame is from the floor. You can purchase a custom 2" or 4" step-over to accommodate your pet's size. Make sure the top of the frame will be at least an inch above their shoulder with or without a step-over.

When I purchase a “Through the Glass” dog door, is the entire sliding glass dog door included?

No, when you purchase a “Through the Glass” dog door, it comes with the glass panel only. The framing of the sliding door is NOT included in the purchase. Since this unit will replace the current glass inside your framing, there will be an installation process you or a hired professional will need to follow as well as filling out the appropriate order form. If you want a door with a dog flap already installed, check out our collection of doors with dog doors.

When will I get the email asking for my dimensions?

As soon as you place your order, an email will be sent asking for the custom dimensions of your glass.

Will this work in an older single pane sliding glass door?

The minimum thickness of the glass or Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) has to be 5/8" thick. If it is 5/8" or thicker then yes, this doggie door in glass door will work.

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