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endura flap thermo panel quick panel height extension for sliding glass door patio panel inserts

Endura Flap Patio Pet Door Height Extension

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  • Extension for Endura Flap brand Patio Panels and Sashes
  • Part of the anti-whoops feature included on all Endura Flap‚ Patio Panel Pet Doors
  • Gives you an extra 3/4" added to the panel or sash adjustment range
  • Three colors and four sizes to match your pet door
Quick Fix for Mismeasurement Quick Fix for Mismeasurement
Adds 1 Adds 1" Height to Panels
Super Simple Installation Super Simple Installation

These are a part of the exclusive anti-whoops feature included on all Endura Flap patio pet doors. If you mismeasured you might be able to salvage the situation by using the "anti-whoops" feature:

To make your panel about 1" taller, you may purchase a height extension (or create your own using a 1" piece of wood).

To make your panel slightly shorter, you may trim the flanges that accept the height extension with a metal hacksaw. 

If you need a substantially higher panel that doesn't fall into the standard Patio Pacific height adjustment ranges, then you may purchase a custom height Endura Flap‚ Sliding Glass Pet Door.

Size Chart

Flap Size Flap Dimension Stock Code
Small  6" w x 11" h 13PPC06
Medium  8" w x 15" h 13PPC08
Large  10" w x 19" h 13PPC10
Extra Large  12" w x 23" h 13PPC12

NOTE: The size of the height extension is about 3/4 inch. Choose your patio panel pet door size based on the chart above so we can send you the right width. If the height extension of 3/4" is not the correct size, you can also put a piece of lumber in your panel's track to extend the height.

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