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C-Clamp Lock for Pet Door Patio Panels | Sliding Glass Dog Doors Safety Concerns | Security
C-Clamp Lock Installed the Bottom of Sliding Glass Door | Secure Locks for Patio Pet Doors
C-Clamp Lock Installed on the Top of a Sliding Glass Doors | Locks for Pet Doors
Deadbolt Lock Installed on the Bottom of Sliding Patio Doors | Secure Sliding Glass Doggie Doors
Deadbolt Lock for Sliding Glass Dog Doors | Pet Door Patio Panel Security Concerns | Safety
How to Install Deadbolt Locks on Sliding Glass Pet Doors or Patio Panels for Doggy Doors

Sliding Glass Door Locks

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C-Clamp Lock or Deadbolt

  • Locks for windows or sliding glass door security
  • C-Clamp requires no tools for installation and is perfect for windows
  • Deadbolt foot lock requires drilling and is more secure for tall sliding glass door panels

C-Clamp Door

Clamp This c-clamp lock requires no tools to install and yet is very effective in locking a sliding glass door or window against a panel pet door for security. They are often used for window security apart from their use with pet doors. All you need to do is place it on the flange of the track and tighten the screw to secure the lock in place!

Foot Actuated Dead Bolt Lock

This lock is very convenient for locking a sliding glass door against a patio pet panel. The lock may be mounted in a variety of ways and includes a foot operated level for inserting the dead bolt so the user doesn't need to bend over. These locks are used to increase security apart from their use with patio pet doors. This particular locking mechanism for your sliding glass door does require that you screw in the lock to your sliding glass door or frame.

Endura Flap® Pet Door Warranty

To the original purchaser, Endura Flap® Pet Doors warrants this product and all of its component parts to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 15 years from the date of delivery to the customer.

Damage caused by accident, improper installation, abuse or normal wear, including damage by pets or glass breakage is specifically excluded from this warranty. Defective materials returned to Endura Flap® Pet Doors together with proof of purchase, will be repaired or replaced and returned to the customer free of charge.