Endura Flap | Weather Stripping for Sliding Glass Doors

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Foam Insulated Pet Doors Weather Stripping for Patio Pet Doors | Weather Tight Seal | Uninstalled
Applyng Weather Stripping to the Thermo Panel Sliding Glass Pet Doors | Weather-Tight Seal on Panels
Weather-Stripping in Use on the bronze Thermo Patio Panel | Weather Tight Seal for Additional Insulation
Foam Weatherstripping installed on the top of the Sliding Glass Patio Pet Door | Weather Resistant

Weatherstripping for Patio Pet Door Panels

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This is the standard weatherstrip for the Endura Flap Thermo Panel 3e and Quick Panel 3. Provides a weather-tight seal along the edges of the pet door.

This adhesive backed foam weather stripping for glass doors is used along the edge of panel pet doors to provide a weather-tight seal between the pet door and the jamb or sliding glass door. Many other uses around the home as well.

This is the standard weather strip included with the Endura Flap Thermo Panel 3e and Quick Panel 3.

The measures for the weatherstrip are 5/8" wide x 3/ 8" thick x 17' long