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Tips for Road-tripping With Your Dog

The best road trips are those spent with our four-legged friends! However, planning is essential before a long car trip—especially when your dog is coming along for the ride. From organizing vaccination records to prepping meals, there’s a lot that goes into planning a road trip with your dog. We’re here to help with tips and tricks to prepare for a successful, dog-friendly road trip.

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Set up a Health Check

First and foremost, it’s essential to ensure that your dog is up to date on all their vaccinations before heading cross-country. Check with your vet before leaving to gather your dog’s vaccination records to have on hand. A routine health check-up before a long journey is a good idea to ensure your dog is travel-ready.

It’s also important that your dog is easily identifiable in the chance that they run away. Double-check that they are microchipped and have a comfortable, secure collar with your information on it.

Create a Safe Space in Your Car

Creating a comfortable space in your car designated for your dog will help them feel safe and secure during your trip. Try putting their favorite bed and toys in a designated space where they can comfortably sit up or lay down.

Noticing some interesting sleeping positions throughout your trip? Check out what these dog sleeping positions mean.

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Plan Out Food & Water

Access to fresh water is essential on a road trip with your dog. Dogs can easily become overheated in a car, and ensuring that they stay hydrated is essential for a safe journey. Remember to pack enough water that’s ready to go at any time for your dog. A collapsible bowl is perfect to have at the ready for frequent water breaks. Plus, it saves space in a fully packed car.

Planning out your dog’s meals is essential too. Try to keep them on a consistent feeding schedule similar to the one you have in place at home. This helps your dog feel safe and secure despite the constant change of environment during a long road trip.

Establish Consistent Bathroom Breaks

Plan ahead places you can stop for bathroom breaks along the way. Frequent bathroom breaks are important to allow your dog to relieve themselves and stretch their legs during the long drive. Scouting out some dog-friendly trails, parks, and towns helps relieve the stress of finding somewhere to go on short notice.

Prepare for Allergies

To keep your pooch as comfortable as possible, prepare for seasonal allergies that can cause discomfort (for you and your dog!). Check out these allergy remedies for pets for more information. It’s also a good idea to prepare for any plants that are harmful to dogs that you may encounter along the way. Be on the lookout for anything your dog might eat that could make them sick. It never hurts to check out some local veterinarians along your route in case of an emergency.

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Pets: My dog Benji is mixed Yorkie, Poodle, Chihuahua, and MaltiPom (YorkiPooChiMaltiPom?), yet he mysteriously bears no resemblance to any of these breeds.
Fun stuff: I love to cook!

Content Specialist

Pets: My dog Benji is mixed Yorkie, Poodle, Chihuahua, and MaltiPom (YorkiPooChiMaltiPom?), yet he mysteriously bears no resemblance to any of these breeds.
Fun stuff: I love to cook!

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