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Pet Door Guys "In the Glass" New Style (Frame Does Not Have Hole Plugs) - Replacement Flap Instructions

Installation Instructions

Frame does not have hole plugs ("In The Glass" units purchased May 2020 onward)

Click to view the Old Style (Frame Has Hole Plugs) Instructions.

Installation icon Difficulty Easy
Installation icon Steps 07
Installation icon Time Required 0.5 Hours
Installation icon Sections 01
Installation icon Flags 00


  • Endura Replacement Flap


  • Mallet
  • Hook Tool

Step 1 Remove Bottom Assembly

  • Remove the bottom assembly by pulling straight up. Set it aside.
  • Set it asid
  • You can drill a hole in each plug and wiggle the plug out with a screwdriver to pull them off.

Step 2 Loosen Side Portion

  • Use the hook tool to loosen one side portion by pulling towards the center.
  • Remove the side portion by pulling dwon then out.

Step 3 Remove Side Portion

  • Remove the side portion by pulling dwon then out.

Step 4 Replace the Flap

  • Slide the old flap off the axel rod at the top.
  • Slide the new flap onto the axel rod at the top.

Step 5 Replace the Side Portion

  • Replace the side portion by inserting it onto the axel rod and slide it back into place using an upward motion.

Step 6 Secure the Side Portion

  • Push or gently tap the side portion back into place.
  • Ensure both sides are even.

Step 7 Re-install the Bottom assembly

  • Re-install the bottom assembly by inserting and pushing down.