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Single-Pane vs Dual-Pane Patio Panel Pet Doors

Wondering what the differences between dual-pane and single-pane glass are? You’re not alone! We carry sliding door pet doors with both single-pane and dual-pane glass, so we get lots of questions about how different they really are.

three colors sliding glass pet door panel

The choice you make between single and dual-pane glass depends on a few factors including: 

  • The average climate where you live
  • Your sensitivity to noise pollution
  • Your ideal budget

Here, we’ll talk about some of the differences between single and double pane glass panels so you can decide which is the best choice for your home.

Dual-Pane Glass:

Insulation Value + Noise Cancellation:

Dual-pane glass consists of two panes of glass, which offers the best insulation value for your home. The two panes of glass function together form an air pocket, keeping heating and air conditioning inside your home, and harsh weather out.

Dual-pane windows and sliding doors can also keep your home a little quieter because of the additional glass separating the outdoors from the interior of your home.


Since dual-pane glass is of higher quality, you can expect a higher cost. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the improved insulation value will also lower your monthly energy bill. If you live in an area with extreme weather, lots of noise pollution—or both—dual-pane glass is the way to go.

Dual-pane sliding pet door options:

Pet Door Guys “In The Glass”

white dog using pet door guys in the glass pet door

The “In the Glass” pet door is the most insulated dog door for sliding glass doors. The dual-pane glass maximizes energy-efficiency by keeping your home insulated during extreme weather. The glass piece with a pre-installed Endura Flap pet door replaces an existing pane from your sliding glass door, so there are no gaps that could allow weather into your home.

Endura Flap Thermo Panel 3e

dog using endura flap thermo panel 3e 

The Endura Flap Thermo Panel 3e is an energy-efficient patio panel insert with dual-pane glass and Low-E coating that keeps your home insulated. The panel installs tool-free in just a few minutes, so it’s a great option if you don’t want to hire a professional as you would for the “In the Glass” pet door. Read more about the difference between patio panels and the “In the Glass” pet door here.

Single-Pane Glass:

Insulation Value + Noise Cancellation:

Single-pane glass has one layer of glass instead of two. This is often the choice those shopping on a budget will go for. If you live in an area with a mild climate, the single-pane glass will work just fine for maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home.

The single-pane glass is not as effective at canceling out noise pollution as dual-pane. This is something to keep in mind if you live in a busy area and want to keep your home quiet.


Single-pane glass is a great low-cost option for pet door windows and sliding door inserts. If you are not as concerned about the quality and want a quick fix, single-pane might be the way to go.

Our Favorite Single-Pane Sliding Pet Door:

Endura Flap Quick Panel 3

black dog using Endura Quick Panel pet door

The Quick Panel is the perfect sliding pet door option for those shopping on a budget. If you live in an area with a mild climate, the single-pane glass will work just fine. The panel has a pre-installed Endura Flap pet door, which is top of the line in energy-efficiency, so you won’t need to worry about the pet flap letting in occasional heat or cold. 

The quick panel is also lighter than it’s more insulating counterparts, so it can be installed and removed in a flash—perfect for temporary or seasonal installation.

Final Thoughts:

Ultimately, the choice comes down to your insulation and quality needs. If you are shopping on a budget and live in a mild climate, single pane is a great option. However, if you live in a noisy area with a harsh climate, we’d recommend investing in a dual-pane sliding pet door options. Read more about why upgrading to a high-quality pet door is worth the investment

We hope this helped clear up any confusion about the differences between single and dual-pane glass! Once you’ve decided which is best for you, check out this article on determining what size pet door to buy for your pet.

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