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How do I secure a dog door from intruders?

All Endura Flap® Pet Doors, except Kennel Doors, ship with a Locking Cover. The Locking Cover is made with a durable, molded ABS plastic in a three-dimensional shape for increased strength.

It is as strong 16 gauge steel and has a clip lock for added security. It can be used when away for extended periods and especially at night when the nocturnal, troublesome creatures are out and about. If you installed a pet door for a dog, it probably is the best deterrent of all.

Here are a couple of other options for those who are worried about the security of their pet door.

You can purchase a Watchdog Steel Security Pet Door Cover. It's mounted over the exterior pet door frame and secures with a combination lock for the ultimate deterrent.

You can also secure your window or sliding glass door shut against your panel insert with a Wedgit Charley Bar.

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