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Security Concerns for Pet Doors

Pet doors provide freedom and peace of mind for both you and your pet, allowing them to come and go on their own terms while freeing up your time. However, a common concern that arises with pet doors is how to keep your home safe. In this article we’ll discuss security measures that keep your Endura Flap Pet Door completely safe, including:

  • Pet Door Locking Cover
  • Clamp Locks
  • Charley Bar Installation
dog using a door mount doggie door for patio doors

Locking Cover:

First and foremost: The Locking Cover. Every Endura Flap Pet Door—from the classic door mount and wall mount to the sash window insert—comes with a secure, ABS plastic locking cover. The molded three-dimensional shape increases the strength of the locking cover, which is approximately equivalent in strength to a 1/16” sheet of steel.

The locking cover allows you to block access to the flap at night, when you’re away on a trip, or any other time you need to completely secure your home. The locking cover clip latch ensures that the cover will snap in place, making it impossible to remove from the outside of your home for maximum security.

ABS locking cover for the Endura Flap doggy door

Clamp Lock:

Thinking about getting an Endura Sliding Glass Dog Door? You’ve probably wondered how the panel locks. All Endura sliding door inserts, such as the popular Thermo Panel 3e, come with a C-Clamp Lock that locks the sliding door or window insert into the track.

If the panel style door doesn’t suit your home, check out the In the Glass Pet Door, which mates with your existing sliding door lock for ease of use and maximum security. Take a look at the differences between Patio Panel Inserts and the In the Glass Pet Door here.

Wedgit charley bar for sliding glass doors with endura flap patio door inserts

Install a Charley Bar:

To lock the dog door panel insert against your slider or window, we recommend using a wooden dowel or a Charley bar. When used in conjunction with the c-clamp lock, the Charley bar adds an additional layer of security that keeps the pet door completely locked in place. When you need to block access to the flap, simply slide the secure locking cover over it for a fully secure assembly.

The Endura Flap is an incredibly high quality pet door, so you can rest assured that the security and locking measures provided such as the locking cover and c-clamp locks will keep your home safe.

As always, customer service is here to help with all your pet door questions! So don’t hesitate to reach out with security questions and concerns that arise while shopping for a brand new pet door. Before purchasing a new door, make sure to measure your pet! You can check out our measurement guide here.

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