Free U.S. Shipping & Lifetime Warranty For All Endura Flap Pet Doors


Shipping Issues

Even with the most high quality door, window, and wall mount dog doors, the shipping journey can be a bit rough. Here are a few ways to fix the most common concerns that arise from shipping your brand new flap door. If something is broken, just give us a call and we’ll figure out what we need to send to replace it!



If your Endura flap pet door looks normal but is not pulling up the floating threshold at the bottom of the frame, the magnets on the pet door flap may have shifted in shipping. This is an easy fix that you should do before installing the dog or cat door if you want to insulate your door and keep your heating and air conditioning inside. You will need to remove the threshold from the frame by pinching the sides and realigning the magnets. This video has all the details about how to do this so that your Endura flap dog door is back in order as soon as possible!



Does the side of the doggie door flap look “stuck”? So that the magnet doesn’t reach the magnet in the side of the door mount frame, therefore getting rid of the magnetic seal? The flap must have been dislodged during shipping, and then gone through a severe enough temperature change to “reset” the unique accordion-style design of the bellows. This is the easiest issue to resolve! Tools required: hairdryer. Stretch the bellows, apply heat, and then allow the bellows to connect with the magnet on the frame. Let the doggy door flap sit for at least an hour before allowing the flap to be used by your pet, whether they’re a large dog or a small dog.



The pivot washers are the little grey pieces that sit at the upper left and right corners of the flap. They are not critical to the functioning of the Endura Flap pet door for doors but are easy to replace if you have not installed your pet door yet. Just remove the rod that supports the flap and slide them on. If they are broken, we’ll send you a new one. If the bellow has popped over it, due to over-extension of the flap, you can pop it back into place. 

Adjusting the Bellows:

 Replacing the Pivot Washers:


Adjusting For Your Pet 

The Endura Flap was created with your pet’s comfort in mind! We have ways to adjust the flap to make usage easier for your pet. Of course, measuring your pet is extremely important, and if you have not selected the correct size pet product for your pet, you might need to return your pet door and order the correct flap size.



The Endura Flap seals so tightly for maximum wind resistance, lots of pets actually need the magnet strength weakened to learn how to push through the seal and use the pet door. The easiest way to do this is by removing the side magnets from the frame and taping down the floating threshold at the bottom. Using a flathead screwdriver, you can pop the covers off the magnets in the frame and pull them out. When you put them back, remember to return them, so they are attracting to the magnets in the flap, not repelling. Then you’ll want to make sure the magnet is placed high enough that it connects entirely with the magnet on the flap. Once you get the plastic piece back in the groove at the bottom, you can simply press the plastic back into the groove all the way to the top! Use a non-damaging tape like a painter’s tape to secure the floating threshold while your pet learns!



Our door insert panels feature a user-adjustable step-over system, which allows you to move the flap up or down to best fit your pet. The minimum for all sizes is 3”, and most of them come set at the minimum step-over. You will need a screwdriver to adjust the step-over height! Hold the patio door panel sideways on the ground; you get the most leverage by supporting it between your feet. Remove the screws on both sides at the bottom of the panel and loosen the screws under the glass. You can then slide out the bottom piece, the flap, and, however, many spacers you need to move. Be sure to put the flap back with the locking cover facing the same side as the thumbscrews at the top of the panel! And keep the bottom piece at the bottom, as the spacers cannot be used on the bottom.



On the Endura Flap flap, replacing the magnets and the wrap strip on the flap is a fairly simple process. Here are some instructions to assist you with this video. The first thing you will want to do is to make sure the groove in the magnet is facing up. When you slide it into the wrap strip as shown, the groove will be visible through the opening in the strip. Once the magnet is in place, you will begin the process of putting the wrap strip assembly onto the flap. You will want to start on the bottom outside edge of the flap (you will see a square shape on the bottom corner, and that is the start of the track). You will need to get one lip of the magnet wrap strip underneath the flap track. Once you have pushed the track into the wrap strip, you will use your thumbs and work your way up, pushing it in along the way until you get to the very top. Once it's in, give it a quick once over to ensure you have the entire wrap strip in place.


Installation Questions


If your monorail is 3/4" or less thick, you can install the Thermo Panel 3e with some modification to the bottom of the panel. You will need to contact customer service to order an additional part not sold on our website. This will be a custom installation requiring the use of a power drill and possibly a jigsaw. Once these modifications have been made, the panel will not be returnable. Here are some pictures of an Endura Flap Thermo Panel installed in a monorail sliding glass door.

 Endura Flap sliding door insert in monorail track      Endura Flap monorail track installation