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Endura Flap Double Flap Wall Mount Pet Door

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  • Superior insulation value
  • Installs in walls 2"– 8 3/4" thick
  • Lined with heavy-duty magnets for maximum wind resistance
  • Durable flap won't warp or crack in extreme weather
  • High-quality aluminum tunnel frames out wall
  • Strong and sturdy Locking Cover included to secure your home and pet
Withstands Extreme Weather Withstands Extreme Weather
Worth Every Penny Worth Every Penny
Advanced Skills Installation Advanced Skills Installation

Size Chart

Flap Size Flap Dimension Flap Type Rough Cut Out Outside Frame Dimension
Small 6" w x 10" h Double 8 5/8" w x 15" h 9 7/16" w x 16" h
Medium 8" w x 14" h Double 10 5/8" w x 19 1/8" h 11 1/2" w x 20" h
Large 10" w x 18" h Double 12 5/8" w x 23 1/16" h 13 9/16" w x 24" h
Extra Large 12" w x 22" h Double 14 11/16" w x 27 1/8" h 15 5/8" w x 28" h


Parts List

Double Flap Wall Mounts

1 inside flap frame (2)

1 outside flap frame

locking cover

4 tunnel pieces

4 threaded rods

1 installation template

8 hole plugs

1 tube of silicone

1 jigsaw blade

1 weather stripping

1 installation instruction booklet

Popular Features

  • High-quality flap withstands extreme weather conditions
  • Strong magnets line the flap on three sides for superior wind resistance
  • Sturdy, long-lasting aluminum framing
  • Comes with a locking cover to clock access when needed
  • The most highly-engineered pet door flap ever made
  • Keeps home insulated to lower your energy bill

Need help installing? Read our Dog Door for Walls Installation Guide.

Note: Endura Flap pet doors are not recommended for use by kittens or very small dogs. Cats have been successful using the Small #06, however, a few have found the Medium #08 difficult to use. We would not recommend using the Large #10 or Extra Large #12 or any of the double flap versions for cats. 

Replacement Parts and Accessories

Endura Flap High-Quality Design

Variable Magnetic Resistance

Leaf Blower Test

Endura Flap® Pet Door Warranty

Endura Flap products have a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship under standard regular use. Damage caused by not using the product as intended, improper installation and chewing is not covered under this warranty.

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