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7 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with Your Pets

Our pets are a part of the family! Naturally, that means we want them to join in on all of our wintertime holiday festivities. Here are five ways to celebrate the holidays with your pets in 2021.

dog with christmas present

Get Them a Gift of Their Own

Your pets will be thrilled to find a gift with their name on it under the tree! A new toy or a fresh packet of their favorite treats will do— our pets generally aren’t too picky.

Another great gift idea is a brand new pet door. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, allowing your pet to come and go as they please year-round (and freeing up your doorman duties).

Worried about winter drafts seeping through the pet door? Luckily, not all pet doors are drafty. The Endura Flap Wall Mount or Endura Flap Door Mount are both great choices for your pet that will keep your home insulated. That means a lower energy bill and a cozy household for the holiday season.

Looking for something else? We also carry the Thermo Panel 3e for sliding glass doors, an excellent choice for simple, tool-free installation. It can be removed in a matter of minutes too, so it’s perfect for rentals, vacation homes, and seasonal installation.

Photograph Them for Your Holiday Card

Let your pet get in on the fun with your holiday card this year! You can dress them up (if they’re comfortable with it) and make it a family affair. Your friends will love to see your pet's big smile along with the rest of the family, and your pets will love being included in all the action.

Another festive activity is a holiday photo competition. Great for the multi-pet household, dress up all your pets in their favorite holiday attire and stage a fashion show. Make sure to supplement the event with lots of yummy treats and love for your furry friends.

Decorate their Space

Another great way to celebrate the holidays with your pet is to decorate their space in your home. If they have a favorite bed, try adding a new cozy blanket that they can warm up under on cold evenings. Hang their best holiday photos around the home for a fun touch.

Make sure any decorations you add are pet-safe, or at least out of reach if your pet tends to chew!

Snuggle up For a Holiday Movie

A movie night on the couch is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season. Your pets will love a relaxing evening spending some quality time with the family. Just make sure to keep them out of any human snacks like popcorn and chocolate to keep them safe.

dog surrounded by christmas stocking with presents

Make a Pet-Friendly Advent Calendar

Humans aren’t the only ones who can enjoy a fun holiday calendar. You can make one for your pet too! This is a fun DIY project that will keep your pet happy for the entire holiday season. Each day can give them their favorite treat or a new toy for them to enjoy.

If you’re going to make your own holiday treats for the advent calendar, make sure any fruits and vegetables you use are dog safe.

Take Them on a Drive to See Christmas Lights

If you love going for a drive to look at houses decked out in Christmas lights, chances are your dog will love it too. Take them out for a spin around the neighborhood to check out the beautiful lights. They’ll love a few stops along the way to get out and sniff in different neighborhoods.

This one isn’t limited to dogs! If you have an adventure cat or one who likes to come along for the ride in their carrier, they can join in on the fun too.

Bring Them Along for Your Holiday Travels

Traveling for the holidays this year? Consider bringing your dog along!

Check out some of our tips on road tripping with your dog if you want to bring them along. If your pet can’t come with you this year, consider some of these tips for reducing separation anxiety in pets to keep them calm and happy while you’re away.

We wish you and your pets a happy holiday season filled with lots of adventures and quality time together!

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Pets: My dog Benji is mixed Yorkie, Poodle, Chihuahua, and MaltiPom (YorkiPooChiMaltiPom?), yet he mysteriously bears no resemblance to any of these breeds.
Fun stuff: I love to cook!

Content Specialist

Pets: My dog Benji is mixed Yorkie, Poodle, Chihuahua, and MaltiPom (YorkiPooChiMaltiPom?), yet he mysteriously bears no resemblance to any of these breeds.
Fun stuff: I love to cook!

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