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Additional Magnet Kit for Endura Flap Pet Doors

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  • Endura Flap Additional Magnet Kit
  • Includes two magnets and one magnet carrier
  • Add magnets to adjust the current magnet strength
  • Provides maximum wind resitance
  • Available in Small or Large to fit your door
Adjust Level of Difficulty Adjust Level of Difficulty
Allows Pets to Share Allows Pets to Share
Quick Installation Quick Installation

Size Chart

Flap Size Flap Dimension Rough Cut Out Outside Frame Dimension Empty Magent Pair Spaces
Small 6" w x 11" h 8 3/8" w x 15" h 9 7/16" w x 15 3/4" h 2
Medium 8 " w x 15" h 10 1/2" w x 19" h 11 1/2" w x 20" h 2
Large 10" w x 19" h 12 1/2" w x 23" h 13 9/16" w x 23 5/8" h 2
Extra Large 12" w x 23" h 14 5/8" w x 27 1/8" h 15 5/8" w x 28" h 3
Use the Small Magent Kit for small Endura Flap doors. Use the Large Magent Kit for medium, large, and extra-large Endura doors.

This kit includes two magnets. One magnet is installed in the channel of the flap under the flap retainer clip and the other magnet with tape is installed inside the threshold. Additional magnets can be added to increase the wind resistance of the Endura Flap‚ if needed.

Adding magnets to Endura Flap tutorial for additional magnet kit

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