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Adjusting the Magnet Strength of Your Endura Flap Pet Door

a border collie using the Endura Flap door panel insert for sliding glass doors

Endura Flap Pet Doors are top of the line in quality and energy efficiency. Not only does the Endura Flap boast excellent durability and weather resistance, it also has customizable magnet strength to fit your unique pet door needs. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to reduce or increase the magnet strength of your Endura Flap Pet Door.

Here are some reasons for reducing magnet strength:

  • Training a timid pet with a lighter flap
  • Allowing large and small pets to share a big flap size
  • Easing the strength of the flap for old or arthritic pets

And some reasons for increasing magnet strength:

  • Increasing wind resistance in harsh climates
  • Preventing a kitten or smaller pet from using the dog door
  • Maximizing the energy efficiency of a single flap model
a cat using the Endura Flap pet door insert for sash windows

Decreasing Magnet Strength of the Endura Flap

The Endura Flap is equipped with strong magnets for maximum weather resistance. However, sometimes the magnets are so strong that smaller or more timid pets struggle to get the hang of their new door right away.

You can even decrease magnet strength for a tiny kitten or puppy, then increase it again once they are big and strong enough to push through. In this scenario, removing the side magnets and taping down the floating threshold at the bottom allows your pet to learn how to push through the seal to open the flap.

How to Remove Side Magnets

  • Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the magnet and magnet cover from the pet door frame.
  • Repeat on the opposite side of the frame if needed.
  • Tape down the gray floating threshold piece at the bottom of the frame using a piece of non-damaging painter’s tape.

Note: Make sure to replace the magnet so that it attracts the flap’s magnet! Test it before you return it to the frame.

Removing side magnets is a great option for training young or timid pets. However, if you’re looking for a lasting reduction in magnet strength—for instance, if you have a cat and large dog sharing the door—we recommend removing magnets from the flap itself.

How to Remove Magnets from the Flap

  • Remove the retainer clip from the bottom of the flap.
  • Remove ALL of the magnets from inside the bottom of the flap.
    • Small & Medium Sizes have 1 magnet.
    • Large & Extra-Large Sizes have 2 magnets.
  • Remove the threshold—the gray piece beneath the flap that floats up and down—by sliding to one side and pulling it up vertically on the other.
  • Slide a long object into the removed threshold piece to force all of the magnets out.
  • Rearrange magnets as needed:
    • To maximize weather resistance with one magnet, place the magnet in the center of the threshold.
    • With two magnets, place one on each side of the threshold, pushing them in about ½”.
  • Replace the flap magnets as needed and replace the retainer clip, ensuring that the flap magnets and threshold magnets attract.

Note: You can remove all magnets from the bottom of the flap to decrease resistance, but this will also reduce wind resistance significantly.

Replacing only one of the corner flap magnets reduces the resistance of the flap for small or timid pets while maintaining the flap’s weather resistance. This is a great method for cats using an Endura Flap.

white dog using the Endura Flap Thermo Panel Door insert

Increasing Magnet Strength of the Endura Flap

If you find that the magnets in your Endura Flap are too weak for your weather conditions, adding magnets is the perfect fix! Additional Magnet Kits can be purchased separately to increase wind and weather resistance, keep your home insulated year-round.

How to Install Additional Magnets in the Endura Flap:

  • Remove the threshold—the gray piece beneath the flap that floats up and down—by sliding to one side and pulling it up vertically on the other.
  • Remove the retainer clip from the bottom of the flap.
  • Add the additional magnet(s) in one of the empty slots at the bottom of the flap.
    • Small, Medium & Large Sizes have 2 empty magnet pair spaces.
    • Extra-Large Size has 3 empty magnet pair spaces.
  • Once the desired magnet placement is achieved, replace the retainer clip to the flap to hold the magnets in place.
  • Take the wrapped magnet and stick it onto the bottom of the flap so that it is attracting the one you just inserted (these two magnets make up on “magnet kit.”)
  • Once determined that the magnets attract, slide the warped magnet in that orientation into the gray threshold piece using a pencil or long object, ensuring it lined up with the adjacent magnet in the flap.
  • Push the threshold back into the frame.

Adjustable magnet strength is just one of the many features that make the Endura Flap the perfect door for you and your pet. As always, please Measure Your Pet when selecting flap size! See Troubleshooting the Endura Flap for more pet door tips and tricks.


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