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  • Easily ships into Canada to give your dog the perfect weather-resistant pet door for severe Canadian winters.
  • Crafted to withstand extreme weather conditions, featuring options for a double flap for enhanced severe weather protection.
  • Features superior manufacturing for long-lasting, reliable performance.
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Measuring Your Pet For A Pet Door

It’s vital that the flap of your dog door is the perfect size for your pet. A large dog door may be difficult to open if it is too big. A doggie door that is too small can be uncomfortable to use and may even cause pain after long-term use.

Before you order your Patio Pacific pet door, make sure you measure your pet to ensure that you have selected the best size for them. It’s best to measure your pet from their paws to the highest point of their back, adding an additional one or two inches on top to ensure that their back does not scrape the top of the doggy door.

If you have pets sharing the same door, it’s best to measure the height of the tallest pet. However, a smaller pet may have trouble opening a door that is too tall for them. That’s why you can adjust the magnet strength on every Endura Flap Pet Door. If the door is too heavy to be opened, you can remove some of the magnets to make it easier on your smaller and more timid pets.

Locking & Security

All Endura Flap Pet Door for cats and dogs models come with a heavy-duty, molded ABS Locking Cover to block access to the flap when needed. The locking cover keeps unwanted critters out of your home and allows you to lock the flap when you’re away for peace of mind.

locking cover

Features Of The Endura Flap Pet Door

Endura Flap Pet Doors are top of the line in quality, durability, and insulation value. All Endura Flap doors are made in the USA, designed and manufactured in San Luis Obispo, California. Check out the unique features that make the Endura Flap the best pet door

Environmentally Friendly: The non-toxic Polyolefin Polymer Flap is safe for your pets and the environment. Most pet door flaps are made of vinyl (PVC), one of the most environmentally damaging plastics to produce. The production, usage, and disposal of PVC releases toxic, chlorine-based chemicals into the environment.  The polyolefin polymer used for the Endura Flap is recyclable and safe. It is commonly used in food packaging, and its production does not produce any toxic fumes.

recycle flap

The Best Dog Door Flap: In addition to being environmentally friendly, the Endura Flap is made to withstand extreme heat and cold to keep your home insulated. Whereas most vinyl pet door flaps are about 0.31cm thick, the Endura Flap is 2.25cm thick. The sealed flap unit is slightly thicker than dual-pane glass and provides a similar level of weather protection.  The award-winning flap unit is translucent for maximum ease of use by pets of all sizes. The flap’s interior is divided by horizontal barriers to reduce the effects of air currents moving within this space as it continuously heats and cools.

interior flap

Severe Weather Protection: Every component of the Endura Flap Pet Door was designed for extreme weather protection. The flap is treated with UV-resistant retardant, preventing shrinking, warping, or yellowing in the sun. It is attached to an architectural extruded aluminum frame for additional durability. All Endura Flap models, single and double flap, protect against temperatures from -40℉/°C to 110℉/43.33°C, as detailed in this energy performance study. In addition, magnets line all three edges of the pet door flap for 50 mph wind resistance.

UV retardant flap pet door for freezing temperatures 

Superior Manufacturing: The weather-resistant flap rotates on a rod instead of attaching to screws, preventing the warping and tearing common in standard pet doors. The magnets lining the flap are customizable, meaning you can adjust the magnet strength for timid pets or for increased wind resistance.

magnetic flap design

High-Aspect Ratio Flap: The safe, flexible Endura Flap has a high-aspect ratio. Most pet door flaps are not very high for their width, meaning you need to install the door higher up to accommodate your pet’s height. With a high-aspect-ratio flap like the Endura, you can install lower to the ground so that your pets can manage the step-over even as they grow older

flap ratio

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the Endura Flap Dog Door for Doors and the Endura Flap dog doors for Walls?

You can read about the difference between a dog door for doors and a dog door for walls here.

What if I want to close the pet door at night?

Every Endura Flap Pet Door comes with a Locking Cover to block access to the flap when needed.

Are replacement flaps available?

Yes, we carry Replacement Endura Flaps. See our full selection of Replacement Parts and Accessories for more replacement options.

Can cats and dogs share their Endura Flap door?

Yes, cats and dogs can share their door. However, we do not recommend flap sizes larger than the Small for cats, since these flaps are so insulating and heavy-duty.

If you need a larger flap size for your dog, you can adjust the magnet strength so that your cat can use the door too. Keep in mind that this will reduce the wind resistance of the flap. If you have a very large dog but want a door for your cat as well, you might consider installing another Endura Flap for Your Cat with a small flap size.

What is the difference between the Thermo Panel sliding glass dog door and the Quick Panel sliding glass pet door?

Both doors feature the award-winning Endura flap, but the Thermo Panel is made with dual-pane glass and the Quick Panel is made with single-pane glass. This means that the Thermo Panel has a higher insulation value than the Quick Panel. 

While you don’t need to match your panel’s glass with that of your sliding door, doing so will make for a cleaner aesthetic. You can read more about the difference between single and dual pane glass on our blog.

Why aren’t the Thermo Sash Window Pet Door and other window pet doors available in larger sizes?

Most windows are not big enough to accommodate the larger pet door sizes. Plus, due to their position in the home, window pet doors are best used for cats who are entering the backyard and an enclosed catio.